The Infinite Fortnite wins strategy at Slurpy Swamp: How to do it

Infinite wins in Slurpy Swamp (Image via Sportskeeda)
Infinite wins in Slurpy Swamp (Image via Sportskeeda)

Popular YouTuber and Fortnite gamer x2Twins recently revealed a solid strategy to claim victory royale in Fortnite without leaving the storm.

The objective of playing Fortnite is to survive the storm and the wrath of other enemies. After a certain time interval, the safe zone recedes, and being exposed to the storm causes a significant loss of energy.

However, x2Twins revealed that Fortnite can be won without moving out of the storm. The strategy is simple yet effective but requires efficient planning and precision execution. This article will dive into how to survive the storm and the necessary steps to claim the victory royale.

Infinite Fortnite wins at Slurpy Swamps

Popular YouTuber x2Twins revealed an amazing trick showing how to survive the storm and win any Fortnite match. The strategy used is already nerfed in Fortnite Competitive and is only available in Fortnite regular games.

x2Twins tested the strategy as a duo but missed the mark by a narrow margin. They tested it as a squad and it worked.

Loopers must land at the Slurpy Swamp and begin fishing right away. Fish in Fortnite provides a source of energy and increases health when consumed. There are various kinds of fish, and they provide different types of energy.

The strategy is to hoard the maximum number of fish. Players are required to stock them nearby to consume the least possible energy while transporting the fish. The entire squad needs to work efficiently and fish as much as possible.

One of the most significant aspects of this strategy is teamwork. Working in harmony is crucial to survive and to claim victory. It must be noted that only one person can stay alive in the storm with significant resources. Therefore, players will have to decide who remains. Others will have to help and perish in the storm.

When the storm takes over, loopers can use the Chug Cannon to increase the squad's health. This will provide them with some more game time, thereby increasing the stock of fish.

After the death of the other squad members, the surviving member needs to apply his skills and efficiency to get away with the victory. The storm becomes more efficient as the circle gets smaller. Therefore players will need to keep maximum resources for the second half when the energy depletes faster.

Players can also pop up barrels lying around to gain significant energy. This also helps in saving the resources from finishing off.

The strategy is effective in ensuring a victory royale without even moving out of the storm. However, it isn’t a free win because it is stressful and requires effective concentration from several loopers. Apart from stocking up resources, one must have the proper knowledge of when to use them. Timing plays an important part in surviving the Fortnite storm when the circle gets really small.

Overall, it is challenging to survive the storm. x2Twins have shown in their video that it’s possible to claim the victory royale while surviving the storm. Loopers can try this method to add a few wins to their name. However, it ruins the objective of Fortnite. It’s better to play the game according to the rules for maximum pleasure.

Edited by Srijan Sen
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