The story of Dr. Slone from Fortnite: An IO Pawn or the island's savior? 

Dr. Slone's story in Fortnite revealed (Image via Sportskeeda)
Dr. Slone's story in Fortnite revealed (Image via Sportskeeda)

Dr. Slone has gradually become the most important character in Fortnite. For the past few seasons, the storyline has largely revolved around her decisions as the head of the Imagined Order.

The Imagined Order was initially seen as the protector of the island until Agent Jonesy left it and went rogue to become a free agent. Towards the end of Chapter 2, things became clearer, and loopers realized that the IO and The Seven have conflicting interests.

Here's everything to know about Dr. Slone in Fortnite. Is she a sheer pawn of the IO or the actual savior of the island?

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Is Dr. Slone a villain in Fortnite?

Dr. Slone was first mentioned in Chapter 2 Season 6 when she ordered Agent Jonesy to save himself while the IO was retreating. However, the agent cut his ties with the organization and evaded a disaster by sealing the Zero Point.


In the following seasons, Agent Jonesy's whereabouts were a mystery, and it was claimed that The Foundation had sacrificed himself. As a result, Dr. Slone took charge of the operations on the island and helped loopers in their battle against Kymera.

Operation Sky Fire was another twist in the story as Dr. Slone betrayed the loopers and blew up the Mothership UFO with everyone in it. She has been the main antagonist ever since.

Chapter 2 Season 8 was no different. The Imagined Order, under Slone, tried to fight the Cube Queen. In 'The End' live event, it was discovered that the IO is planning to torture Agent Jonesy. This did not happen, thanks to the timely return of The Foundation.


Dr. Slone might be a puppet of Geno in Fortnite

It is worth noting that The Foundation agreed to help Jonesy on one condition. He wanted the agent to take him to Geno and The Sisters.

From the looks of it, Geno is the leader of the Imagined Order who was once a part of The Seven. He most likely betrayed The Seven, and now The Foundation, The Origin, and others are eager to take revenge.

Hence, there's a strong possibility that Dr. Slone is a mere puppet who does what Geno says. Her true intentions cannot be judged at the moment, but loopers can expect more clarity as the storyline progresses in Chapter 3.

As of now, the IO and Dr. Slone have arrived on Chapter 3 island with massive drills. Eventually, a war between the Imagined Order and The Seven is expected to begin in Chapter 3 Season 2.

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