Top 10 most unpopular Fortnite skins as of Chapter 3 Season 1

Worst Fortnite skins as of Chapter 3 Season 1 (Image via Sportskeeda)
Worst Fortnite skins as of Chapter 3 Season 1 (Image via Sportskeeda)

Over the years, Fortnite has released a wide range of cosmetics and skins for loopers. Lately, crossovers have become more prominent than authentic skins.

It is no surprise that every skin released in the Item Shop or the Battle Pass receives a different response from Fortnite's massive user base. While some turn out to be very successful, others don't.

Here are the ten most unpopular Fortnite skins in Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 1.

Worst Fortnite skins as of Chapter 3 Season 1

1) Lt. John Llama


Lt. John Llama is a Battle Pass skin from the current season and can be unlocked from Page 3. Fortnite adds a troll skin in the Battle Pass every season, and Lt. John Llama is the troll skin in Chapter 3 Season 1.

Lt. John Llama is easily the least used Battle Pass skin, primarily because all other skins are much better in looks, creativity, and design. The character is also bulky, which isn't advantageous during gunfights.

2) Shanta


Shanta skin isn't bad, but players are undoubtedly tired of seeing gold/bronze-themed skins in Fortnite.

Shanta skin looks good when equipped with the new edit styles, but loopers hardly use the original outfit. Additionally, unlocking new styles for the outfit requires time and effort.

3) Gumbo


The Fortnite community is undoubtedly divided on the Gumbo skin in the Chapter 3 Season 1 Battle Pass. While some players love the concept, others find it too creepy for the Battle Royale theme.

Amidst all the contrasting opinions, Gumbo hasn't become the most popular skin in Fortnite Chapter 3. Instead, skins such as Ronin and Spider-Man have overshadowed Gumbo.

4) Haven


The Haven skin is primarily used by tryhards and sweaty players, owing to which most casual players avoid it.

The Haven skin in Fortnite is certainly sleek, but also generic. It has nothing special to offer, which explains why it is one of the most unpopular skins at the moment.

While these were the least used skins in Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 1, here are some of the most unpopular skins in the game's history.

5) Bendie


It is still a mystery why Epic Games released skins such as Bendie and Twistie in Fortnite. Fans have always been vocal about the matter, and to this date, Bendie and Twistie are claimed to be two of the worst skins ever.

It is safe to assume that Bendie and Twistie won't return to the Item Shop soon, as their demand among players is negligible.

6) Rabbit Raider


Rabbit Raider is another skin that didn't match Fortnite's Battle Royale theme at all. The black and pink edit style for the outfit is still decent, but the original pink outfit with the blue mask was one of the least liked skins ever.

7) Slurp Jonesy


Players ignored Slurp Jonesy despite its reactive features. Out of all the Agent Jonesy snapshots released so far, Slurp Jonesy is the least liked.

The pitch-black eyes do not match well with the slurpy outfit, and the pack doesn't seem to be worth 2000 V-Bucks. Moreover, players didn't like the Blob Head style for its sketchy design.

8) Loki


The Loki outfit will never become popular in Fortnite, thanks to a significant design flaw by the developers. The character's head hitbox is so huge because of the horns that it is considered a pay-to-loose skin.

Even fans of Loki aren't comfortable with his skin in Fortnite because it makes them too vulnerable during games.

9) The Brat


Peely and Fishtick are the most popular food skins in Fortnite, and The Brat could not even come close to them when it was introduced during Chapter 2 Season 1.

The Brat skin was forgotten very quickly by players as they already had a ton of alternatives. Moreover, the outfit's design lacked innovation and details.

10) Tomato Head


Tomato Head is an OG skin, but that is the only reason why some players still like it. Tomato Head is a crucial OG character who sacrificed his life in the Batman comics.

However, the Tomato Head skin is a nightmare for anyone who uses it during games. The skin can be easily spotted because of its vibrant colors, and the head hitbox is massive.

Note: Readers must note that none of the skins mentioned above are imperfect. The list is based on the opinion of the majority of the community.

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