Top 3 Fortnite x Marvel skins that failed to impress

There are a ton of Marvel skins in Fortnite Battle Royale, but not all were able to click with the fans (Image via Sportskeeda)
There are a ton of Marvel skins in Fortnite Battle Royale, but not all were able to click with the fans (Image via Sportskeeda)
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Fortnite and Marvel are pretty strong teams when it comes to collaborations. Both franchises have promoted themselves on each other's platforms and for the longest time, Marvel skins have become a huge hit in Fortnite.

Thanos, Iron Man, Captain America, and even Groot, all have their outfits in the game. While fans are mostly crazy about most of the individual skins, not all have been appreciated since they were added to Fortnite.

This article lists the top three skins from every official Marvel collaboration that most of the community did not find impressive. This list will not include the Marvel Deadpool reskins that were placed on some of the major original Fortnite characters.

Top 3 Marvel skins that failed to click with the Fortnite community

3) Star-Lord


The protagonist of the Guardians of the Galaxy series, became infamous for his emotional bias in Avengers Infinity War. Since then, the Marvel community has deeply disliked Star-Lord, and his addition to Fortnite has not changed the reactions. While it is one of the cooler skins in the game, in comparison to other Marvel outfits, the Star-Lord outfit does not match the hype.

2) Silver Surfer


A quiet protagonist from the Fantastic Four storyline, this alien on a dead set mission failed to impress the Fortnite community. The skin is a plain apt representation of the comic book or on-screen version of the character.

However, staying true to the character did not work out for the fans in the game as they usually expect something to be way cooler than unicolor before spending money on it. However, the glider in that pack, set the tone differently and is still one of the highest-rated gliders in the game.

1) Black Widow

A fan-favorite Avenger, Black Widow, is a very dull skin in Fortnite. It simply represents every other female skin in a single black suit. While competitive players will appreciate the low hitbox ratio with this skin, there are others that will do the same job and look way cooler.


The Snow Suit version of this character is, however, much liked by the fans and is worth the V-bucks more than the original version. The Snow Suit version was later seen in the original Black Widow movie that was released globally earlier this year.

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