Top 5 betrayals in Fortnite that were least expected

Agent Jones of Fortnite (Image via Epic Games)
Agent Jones of Fortnite (Image via Epic Games)
Brandon Moore

Every good story has a villain, and at times, even in Fortnite, that villain is who players least expect.

Betrayals are a tale as old as time. A good friend, an ally, or a family member turns their back on the protagonist and shocks the audience with a betrayal seemingly out of nowhere.


Fortnite is a battle royale title first, but its lore has inched closer and closer toward the forefront. Over the years, the storyline in Fortnite has progressed dramatically and there have been some unforeseen betrayals.

5 least expected betrayals in Fortnite

5) The Seven


The Seven's betrayal is a bit strange and backwards. Many players felt the Seven were an antagonist group, and while they probably are, it seems their intentions are pure. It all started with The Visitor setting off the rocket, but it appears they simply want to free everyone from the Loop. This reveal was very unexpected.

4) The Cube returns


No one really knew the true purpose of the Cube when it first appeared and was named Kevin in Fortnite. Everyone grew fond of it and looked at it as though it were friendly. The return of the Cube and other Cubes, brought forth the Cube Queen, a new villain, to the island. It was heartbreaking to see the beloved Cubes used for evil purposes.

3) Jonesy goes rogue


This betrayal was not necessarily a bad one. Agent Jones was a trusted IO Agent. He worked in the Imagined Order to learn about the Zero Point. It was when his credentials were revoked that he went rogue and betrayed the IO and his superiors. He seemed pretty involved, so it was surprising to see him quickly turn his back on the IO.

2) Jonesy is an IO Agent


Jonesy is a fan favorite character who didn't really play any part in Fortnite outside of being a model for several skins. When Loopers, the players, ended up in his office and it was revealed he was an IO Agent, the world was shocked. IO were clearly not the good guys, and seeing Jonesy as a part of that was a betrayal of epic proportions.

1) Doctor Slone in Operation: Skyfire


Everyone knows the Imagined Order isn't the protagonistic organization that they claim to be. During Operation: Skyfire, the Loopers helped stop the alien threat on the Mothership. Instead of a successful mission, Doctor Slone detonates the bombs and leaves the player onboard. This betrayal is the least expected in Fortnite, as Doctor Slone cruelly left the player for dead.

Note: The list is subjective and reflects the views of the writer.

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