Top 5 crafting recipes that would fit Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 1 perfectly

A promotional image for Fortnite Chapter 3. (Image via Epic Games)
A promotional image for Fortnite Chapter 3. (Image via Epic Games)
Brandon Moore

Crafting has been in Fortnite since Chapter 2 Season 6 and some players hope the original functionality returns.

In Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 7, crafting was completely overhauled. Instead of being able to gather items to craft, players can now only upgrade weapons via the crafting system.


There are a handful of Fortnite players, including professionals and others, that would like to see crafting return to the form it had in Chapter 2 Season 8. They even have some ideas for crafting recipes in Chapter 3 Season 1.

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5 crafting recipe ideas for Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 1

5) Attachments

@HYPEX @FortniteGame Yeah they should start to make more crafting ideas and weapon attachments too

This has been a hot topic in Fortnite for quite some time. Weapons are often bare-bones and aiming down the sights is all there is if it doesn't already come with a scope. Some players want crafting elements to include attachments. Finding rare items like different sights and faster magazines to reload would be interesting.

4) Poison Traps

@HYPEX @FortniteGame Idea take a ar and poison dart traps and make a poison ar that does 20-25 damage and 2 poison damage per tick for 5ticks

This Twitter user has a great idea regarding Poison Traps. Finding a poisonous item and crafting it with a floor trap of some kind would be awesome. It would do damage inititally and then do even more damage over time unless a player has an antidote on them. That could change the game completely.

3) Golden Gun

A high tier AR in Fortnite. (Image via Epic Games)
A high tier AR in Fortnite. (Image via Epic Games)

Getting a golden mushroom or golden fish and crafting it with a high tier assault rifle could make for a mighty powerful weapon. The Golden Gun would obviously do insane amounts of damage, but no extra ammo would be found. As well, it should be super hard to find the items to craft it.

2) Shield Bazooka

Please bring back crafting with more ideas like season 6 @FortniteGame. Also I had these ideas in mind recently (for pubs):

This is the inspiration for the list, coming from prominent leaker HYPEX. He shared his interest in Fortnite, making crafting more interesting in Chapter 3. The first recipe he shared is a shield mushroom and a Bandage Bazooka. Combining them would make a Shield Bazooka.

1) Spicy Chug Splash

The Spicy Chug Splash would be a nifty crafting recipe in Fortnite Chapter 3. HYPEX's second idea is awesome. Craft a Chug Splash with a Pepper and who knows what could happen. The Spicy Chug Splash could heal up some shield and make the target faster. It could even just provide more health. There are some great possibilities.

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