Top 5 Fortnite Chapter 3 glitches to try before they are fixed

Chapter 3 has a few glitches in the early going (Image via Epic Games)
Chapter 3 has a few glitches in the early going (Image via Epic Games)

Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 8 was a grind to earn XP. Players complained about it and Epic Games actually buffed it several times, but it was still a difficult season for gathering XP. That's what made XP Creative maps and XP glitches so important.

There were other glitches that were fun or that provided potential advantages, too. Since Chapter 3 is so young, Fortnite players can expect there to be several different glitches. Here are the best ones to try out in Chapter 3 before they get fixed.

Fortnite glitches from Chapter 3 to try out before they're gone

5) Creative map

This one is less of a glitch, but it's definitely not how Epic Games intended for Fortnite players to earn XP this season. The code for this map is: 3794-8637-4359. In this map, players are battling it out and can earn XP for that, but the fastest way is inside one of the buildings, where players can interact with a button and earn endless XP. It's one of the best XP methods in the game currently.

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Creative maps are a good way to earn XP (Image via Epic Games)
Creative maps are a good way to earn XP (Image via Epic Games)

4) Spider-Man emote

This is also not necessarily a glitch, but Epic Games will probably do something to fix it. The Spider-Man emote available on page nine of the battle pass is arguably pay-to-win. Players can hide so easily with it and drop down silently. Epic will likely patch this by giving it a noise or another indicator so that it's not overpowered, so players should try it now.

3) Invisible Mythic

The Spider-Man mythic item in Fortnite Chapter 3 allows players to swing freely and even be pulled by cars. It's a very popular item, but there's currently a glitch allowing players with it to turn invisible. It's definitely going to be patched soon, so players should take advantage as soon as possible.

2) Creative XP glitch

There's another map that is giving players way more XP than they are supposed to get. The code for this map is 5185-0274-7658. Players can go inside and collect one shadow flopper from the loot. They will also need the llama coins, too. Players can then fly in the hub and make their way to a platform, where they can earn XP for free.


1) NPC face glitch

This one doesn't provide any advantage, but it is cool to see what's under certain NPC masks. Obviously, Fortnite didn't put too much effort into it.

Which of these is the best?

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