Top 5 Fortnite World records that are almost unbeatable

A group of players falling before being eliminated (Image via YouTube)
A group of players falling before being eliminated (Image via YouTube)
Manuel "Zeus" Escobar

Fortnite is well known for its events and crazy moments, and some of those moments even bring some of the most insane and unbeatable records to date.

There have been so many trick shots and other events in-game that make Fortnite an insane game to start a new trend or even record. Fortnite, like any other game, can witness a new record in almost any category. Though most of the time it's all about eliminations, it can also vary to cash prizes, streaks, and more.

So, below is a recap of some of the world records in Fortnite that are almost unbeatable.

Top 5 Fortnite World Records

#5 – C4 Elimination

Unlike nearly every other explosive around Fortnite, C4 is unique as it can be detonated from any distance. Some people began experimenting with just how far away they can be and players were surprised by the results. One player in particular, Yowd, forgot he had placed a few C4’s elsewhere at the beginning of the match.


While moving around he realized he had the detonator and ignited the C4. In seconds he was eliminated from 1,368 meters away, which is nearly halfway across the entire island. The random act is so unique, it’s likely to never happen again.

#4 – Longest Win Streak

The Top 3 Longest Win Streaks (Image via Fortnite Tracker)
The Top 3 Longest Win Streaks (Image via Fortnite Tracker)

Of course, everyone wants to get a victory royale, for some people it’s extremely hard, for others it’s pretty simple. Though there are players who claim to get constant wins back to back, one player, koffepoffe xbl, has a total of 656 consecutive wins.

If this player would have won 74 more games, they would have one win every day for two years consecutively. Regardless, however, they have enough wins to span across a whole year which is incredibly insane. It’s fair to say it won’t be an easy spot to beat, but players can certainly try.

#3 – Longest RPG Elimination

RPG eliminations are a classic way to end someone's streak or gameplay. People still have mixed emotions as to whether or not the RPG is fair or overall ridiculous for in-game use. Either way, the RPG is an iconic weapon in Fortnite. One player, S-k-r-e-p-p-e-d, took an RPG elimination to the limit.

This player practically rode an RPG missile and shot another missile from it. As he continued to progress on the missile, it made for an elimination that was 541 meters away. Typically these mussels stop around 300 meters, making this elimination even more impressive.

#2 – Most Solo Kills

Fortnite live events are a major part of the in-game story experience. There have been major in-game events that tie directly to Fortnite lore, and some such as the Travis Scott concert that is just for fun. One of the earlier events, Blast Off, had players from all over building high fortresses to get a nice view of the event. During this event, Elemental_Ray, decided to end everyone’s fun and broke down a build holding 48 other players! It was the biggest troll and solo elimination to date.

#1 – Largest Payout

(Image via Twitter)
(Image via Twitter)

It’s no surprise esports gaming has become such a wildly popular subject throughout the years. It’s gone from not being recognized to being a highly competitive field with many tournaments yearly. Fortnite only boosted the desire for esport gaming as it had large events.

Such events even allowed for one of the biggest payouts to Bugha, for $3,000,000. Not only is this the single largest esports payout, but it has also clearly changed Bugha’s life immediately after.

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