Top 5 Fortnite x Naruto theories that could rock fans' world

Best Naruto x Fortnite theories (Image via Sportskeeda)
Best Naruto x Fortnite theories (Image via Sportskeeda)

Naruto fans worldwide are eagerly waiting for their favorite character to arrive in Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 8. Even though the leakers confirmed this crossover months ago, Epic Games is yet to announce the skin officially.

In the meantime, fans have been left to come up with theories related to the Naruto skin in Fortnite. From a Shadow Clone emote to a Kurama back bling, here are some concepts that can turn out to be massive hits.

Best theories for the Naruto crossover in Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 8

Shadow Clone emote

Naruto is the only character who can create hundreds of clones with no worries. Fans of the anime have always loved this, and it would be great if Fortnite adds this as a feature as well.

A Shadow Clone emote will not only fit the Naruto skin perfectly but will also gain the attention of players who haven't watched the series.

Shadow Clone technique by Naruto in Fortnite (Image via Sportskeeda)
Shadow Clone technique by Naruto in Fortnite (Image via Sportskeeda)

Fortnite can also introduce the Shadow Clone technique as a Mythic ability that resembles the Decoy Grenade.

Kurama back bling

Kurama, one of the nine-tailed beasts, has a special connection with Naruto that players want to witness even in Fortnite.

Naruto and Kurama in Fortnite (Image via Sportskeeda)
Naruto and Kurama in Fortnite (Image via Sportskeeda)

A Kurama back bling will certainly match the young ninja's skin. Moreover, Fortnite has a wide range of cosmetic items that can look great with the red-orange fox.

Kunai weapon

As per many leaks, a Kunai Mythic weapon will be available in Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 8, following the release of Naruto. However, the mechanics of this weapon are still a mystery.

Naruto x fortnite conceptThis includes:Naruto outfit (2 bonus varients)Sasuke outfit (2 bonus varients)Naruto's kunai knifeSasuke's sword

At the moment, two Mythic abilities (Venom/Carnage Symbiote) are already available. Hence, it is unlikely that Fortnite will add another Mythic ability, while Naruto might be released after October 18.

Reactive Naruto skins

Naruto has access to several forms of the Nine-Tail Chakra mode. A plethora of fans are expecting the upcoming skin to be reactive and support some of the following forms:

  • Nine-Tails Chakra mode
  • Six Paths Battle Sage mode
  • Asura Kurama mode
  • Baryon mode
What i think will happen to naruto in fortniteknowing epic, we won’t get Ksm instantly instead it’s a emote thing/reactive We may get evil naruto (the one from the waterfall) and maybe sage mode as styleshe’s probably gonna be a secret skin crying

Itachi, Sasuke, and other characters' release alongside Naruto

Alongside Naruto himself, the Naruto manga series has a ton of exciting characters that are loved by fans.

These include:

  • Sasuke
  • Itachi
  • Kakashi
  • Sakura
@DonaldMustard Dear Donald mustard can you please and I mean please put Naruto characters in Fortnite along with Sasuke Sakura and Kakashi in a Karam backpack If you can. Put all. Deez Naruto charactersin In. Fortnite

As per some theories, Fortnite has added crows to the latest season as a hint for the upcoming Itachi and Shisui skins.

Naruto's 22nd Anniversary is on the 21st and that could be a perfect date for Epic to do the collab. Also this might be a big stretch but it's a big coincidence that we got this banner + crows in the same season which matches Shisui's crow eye. (pointed out by @chiku_it)

All in all, it is self-evident that the Fortnite community has sky-scraping expectations from the upcoming Naruto crossover. If the collaboration turns out to be a success, it wouldn't be a surprise if more anime skins such as Goku also arrive in the near future.

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