Top 5 times Fortnite streamers lost it live on stream

Image via Epic Games
Image via Epic Games
Brandon Moore
Modified 29 Apr 2021
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Fortnite is an extremely competitive game that fans love to play and watch on stream

Things don't always go smoothly during a game of Fortnite. Gamers are known for two things. One is their talent in a specific game. The other is raging when an unlucky moment or simply a better player comes along.

Fortnite is notorious for times like these. After all this time, it is still one of the most popular games on the planet. That means a lot of eyes are typically on the battle royale. Sometimes they catch a streamer losing it on Fortnite live. This article dives into the top five moments.

Top 5 times Fortnite streamers lost it live on stream

#5 - Nickmercs


Nickmercs is one of the most popular streamers ever. When he plays Fortnite, he takes the game to a completely different level. Nick isn't one to shy away from expressing his feelings about the games he plays. Scroll to 9:10 in the video to see him go off on Ninja regarding the adjusted aim settings in the battle royale. He ends it by saying he should have kicked out Ninja's butt.

#4 - Ninja

It would only be fitting to follow Nick up with one of Fortnite's most notorious streamers, Ninja. Old Ninja used to rage unlike any other, but he has toned things down a bit. That doesn't stop him from letting it out sometimes, though. At about 3:35 in the video, he gets downed and lets out a high-pitched scream, showing signs of mentally breaking.

#3 - Clix


Clix is a very successful Fortnite pro. Just a minute into the video, he starts losing begins. He is clearly being stream sniped during some Arena games. He goes off on a screaming rant about all of the players landing on him in-game. He ends up taking measures to hide when he queues, but players still manage to find him. That causes even more screaming that, honestly, is justified.

#2 - Mongraal

Mongraal is one of Fortnite's finest players. The young man doesn't hold back his thoughts. Roughly two minutes into the video, someone asked him to rage at them. Mongraal obliged. He brought his mic extremely close to his mouth and went off on the poor fellow on the receiving end. He takes massive digs at his opposition's pro success or lack thereof and lays it in.

#1 - Dellor

Dellor should be at the top of any losing it or raging moments list. The man is known for absolutely freaking out. Nothing boils his blood more than Fornite. Around six minutes into the video, Dellor is in a build battle. It didn't take long for him to start screaming. He isn't satisfied after getting the kill, standing up in the middle of the game, pacing the room, and punching something on his desk. He even remarks that there is nothing for him to break.

Published 29 Apr 2021, 19:19 IST
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