Travis Scott returning to Fortnite rumor sparks unreal outrage among fans

Travis Scott skin in Fortnite (Image via Sportskeeda)
Travis Scott skin in Fortnite (Image via Sportskeeda)

Travis Scott is easily one of the most disliked Fortnite Icon Series skins. Many players changed their perception of the artist following the recent Astroworld concert tragedy, where at least eight fans lost their lives.

Ever since the concert, Travis Scott has been surrounded by controversies, and Epic Games has tried its best to maintain distance from him. The developers allowed players to remove Scott's cosmetic items from their lockers and get refunds accordingly.

Earlier today, Fortnite decided to remove Travis Scott's emote from the game following the absolute tragedy at his Astroworld Festival this past weekend

However, there were rumors of Travis Scott returning to the game recently, and here's how fans reacted to them.

Travis Scott will return to Fortnite on February 29, claims leaker

A prominent leaker in the community tweeted that Travis Scott will be back in Fortnite on February 29. Anyone aware of calendars should know that this is a joke because February only has 28 days. Also, 2022 is not a leap year (a year in which February has 29 days).

Travis Scott will return to the item shop on February 29th #Fortnite

From the looks of it, a plethora of Twitter users were either unaware of calendars or were too enraged even to read the tweet properly. They just anticipated Travis Scott's return and started reacting to it.

@FortniteNwsHub Booo!He should never return nor be back into Fortnite not after vot he done

What's more surprising is that many players were stopping others from making a big deal out of Travis Scott's return. They claimed that skins are bound to return at some point, and the developers earn money from it.

@FortniteNwsHub For all the people making a big deal about a skin returning your funny asf cuz 1.) skins are bound to return at one point. 2.) it’s a skin it doesn’t give u an advantage so like shut up and 3.) they need to make money somehow

Regardless, most replies mentioned how Travis Scott's recent concert was too controversial and his return would be disastrous.

Even if Epic Games plans to bring Travis Scott back to the Item Shop, it certainly shouldn't. It is evident that players haven't forgotten the Astroworld incident and still expect a proper apology from the artist.

Will Travis Scott ever return to Fortnite?

Considering that Epic Games allowed players to remove the Travis Scott items from their lockers, it is improbable that the skin will now be returned to the Item Shop.

The Astroworld concert was as tragic as it gets, and no amount of time will be enough to get over the ones who lost their lives on that day. Hence, Travis Scott skins will not return to Fortnite for now, and players who've removed his cosmetic items from their lockers should never expect to recollect them.

All in all, skins of pop culture icons have always been popular among loopers. Epic Games recently surprised players with a Bruno Mars crossover in Chapter 3.

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