What is the Fortnite Zero Point? Understanding the root of all evil, according to the game's lore

Everything to know about the Zero Point in Fortnite (Image via Sportskeeda)
Everything to know about the Zero Point in Fortnite (Image via Sportskeeda)

Fortnite players must have heard about the Zero Point before the beginning of every season. Prominent characters like Agent Jonesy, The Foundation, Midas, and Dr. Slone have talked about it on several occasions.

In fact, everything in the game's story is connected to the Zero Point. It is the ultimate source of energy owing to which the Imagined Order and The Seven are trying to access it.

@Spice_The_Cube I honestly hope they end the zero point saga because I hate to say it but it's getting kinda boring and it's the only thing all fortnite heroes and villains aim forI'd love to see a season where it's solid just no zero point milking

Here's why the Zero Point is the actual protagonist of the lore in Epic Games' Battle Royale title.

The significance of Zero Point in Fortnite

For better understanding, readers can think of the Zero Point as the Big Bang in Fortnite's multiverse. It is the origin of endless energy, and is the reason behind the existence of Reality Zero (the world where loopers live with the IO and the Seven) and several other realities in the vast multiverse.

The Zero Point has time and again saved the island. It was partially destroyed by The Seven in Chapter 1 which led to the formation of Apollo (Chapter 2 map). Moreover, it maintains the loop due to which a new match begins in 22 minutes and all the damage is reset.

At the moment, the Zero Point is located underneath the bridge between Apollo and Artemis (Chapter 3 map).


The Zero Point is the source of energy for all the realities, which explains the formation of Rifts. The latter can help loopers in visiting other realities, and snapshots from other realities when visiting the island. For instance, Agent Jonesy and The Foundation have visited Batman's universe and vice versa.

Hence, whenever the Zero Point is interrupted or affected, unusual events occur on the island. Objects and characters from other realities start appearing on the map.

Long story short, stabilizing the Zero Point is the only way to restore normalcy in Fortnite.

Zero Point is the root of all evil in Fortnite

It won't be an overstatement that Zero Point is the root of all evil. The war between the Imagined Order and The Seven in Chapter 3 is happening because both the groups want to control the Zero Point and use its energy to achieve their goals.

Back in Chapter 2, Midas used the Zero Point to charge The Device and break the loop. However, the consequences of tampering with this energy source are always disastrous. It exploded towards the end of Chapter 1 and led to the creation of a black hole that annhilated everything.


Characters in the lore come and go, but Zero Point is the only thing that is expected to remain forever. Destroying it is obviously impossible, and fighting to use its energy is always going to result in conflict.

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