What are Reality Seeds in Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 3

Reality Seeds are a brand new addition to Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 3 (Image via Sportskeeda)
Reality Seeds are a brand new addition to Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 3 (Image via Sportskeeda)

Epic Games has mixed things up after the Fortnite update today. Apart from many new POIs and items, a new tree known as the Reality Tree was introduced. This tree is located at a POI known as Reality Falls. However, that's not what is so interesting about this tree.

This Reality Tree drops something known as Reality Seeds. To get their hands on these seeds, players have to either break down the pods that spawn near the Reality Tree or climb up on the branches that have these pods growing and interact with them to harvest these seeds.

What are Reality Seeds in Fortnite?

As mentioned before, Reality Seeds are seeds from the Reality Tree in Fortnite. These seeds have a very interesting mechanic, as players can collect them and plant them in a match. Players can harvest these seeds for loot and items in the next match, provided they remember where they buried them.

This can be a handy item for players as loot isn't evenly distributed on the map. If players land on a spot where they previously planted a Reality Seed, it becomes easy for them to get their hands on some loot during the early part of the game.

Reality Seeds can be planted on the map and you get harvest them next matches. There's one for each rarity, here's a loot simulation for the Rare, Epic, Legendary & Mythic ones (in order)It can give different weapons too, this is an example of me planting them#Fortnite #Leaks

That said, these Reality Seeds come in five different rarities: Uncommon, Rare, Epic, Legendary, and Mythic. These different rarities yield different loots as well. Below is a list of all the loot that one can get from these Reality Seeds.

It is still unclear if these Reality Seeds can be harvested in a later match for loot, but if the leaks are to be believed, here's a list of items that players can harvest in Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 3.


  • 1x Rare Combat SMG
  • 6x Small Shield Potion
  • 10x Common Bars
  • 1x Uncommon Reality Seed


  • 1x Epic Ranger Assault Rifle
  • 3x Small Shield Potion
  • 1x Big Shield Potion
  • 15x Common Bars


  • 1x Legendary DMR
  • 6x Small Shield Potion
  • 1x Large Shield Potion
  • 20x Common Bars


  • 1x Mythic Stinger SMG
  • 12x Chug Splash
  • 1x Big Shield Potion
  • 30x Common Bars
  • 1x Uncommon Reality seed

The Uncommon Reality seed can also be planted, and the moment players plant these seeds, they will be able to harvest some Slurpshrooms from the plant site. However, the Uncommon Reality Seed won't yield any loot in Fortnite.

🔔 Plant or Summon Reality Saplings Using Reality Seeds Location - Fortnite…

That said, it's still unknown if these Reality Seeds have any special powers of sorts. Only two seeds can be contained in one inventory slot. And from the looks of it, only Uncommon Reality Seeds are available for now. However, this could also be RNG-dependent.

For now, it looks like these Reality Seeds in Fortnite don't have a lot of functionality other than granting players with some loot in the match following the one where they've planted the seed. The only benefit is that these Reality Seeds hand out these Slurpshrooms right after being planted.

Players also need to note that these Reality Seeds cannot be planted on asphalt. Players need to plant these seeds in the soil if they want them to grow. The Fortnite update today is finally complete, and the new season looks like it has a lot of secrets under its belt.

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