Where to find Shield Bubble in Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 2

A look at the Shield Bubble in Fortnite (Image via Epic Games)
A look at the Shield Bubble in Fortnite (Image via Epic Games)

The Shield Bubble was added in Fortnite Season X and has made a return in Chapter 3 Season 2 through a Donation Station voting trial.

Players would have had limited time to try the Shield Bubble if they hadn't got their hands on it in Season X; it was vaulted when Chapter 2 Season 1 started.


It may very well go in the vault again when the Donation Station trial period is over on May 16, 2022. It will stick around, however, if it beats Balloons in the voting period. In that case, it will be added back to the game's loot pool.

How to get a Shield Bubble in Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 2

Test it before you suggest it! Soon you’ll have to vote for which item stays. But for now you get the best of both. Hop in and test Balloons vs. the Bubble Shield.

The Shield Bubble isn't a super common item, but it also isn't extremely rare. Players will more than likely find one every couple of games, if not in every match they play.

Looting is a huge part of the Battle Royale title, and that's how players can get their hands on the Shield Bubble as long as it remains in the loot pool and out of the vault.

After dropping out of the Battle Bus, just head to any point of interest or landmark. There is a good chance that a Shield Bubble will be waiting there. Look through buildings, open chests, and search toolboxes. The ground floor of many locations may hold a Shield Bubble, and it may pop out of any chest or toolbox that players sift through. Just keep looking and looting until one appears.

How to use a Shield Bubble in Fortnite

Shield Bubbles & Balloons are unvaulted now for trial until May 16th when the voting stations start!

If the Shield Bubble does win the Donation Stating voting trial, players will want to know how to use it after picking one up. It is pretty simple to use and can be very effective in a fight.

The Shield Bubble is a defensive item and is considered a throwable in Fortnite. Players just need to swap to the Shield Bubble when one is in their weapon/item loadout.

Once that is done, they can aim and throw the Shield Bubble to create a protective dome. When the Shield Bubble is used, a blue hologram-like bubble appears that prevents damage from the outside being done to anyone on the inside.

@HYPEX Vote shield bubble! It's useful in zero build cause you can't build and it's great for rebooting, you can also use it for rebooting in building cause then people can't shoot your structures.

With grenades, bullets, and the recently-returned Air Strike, there are plenty of things players might need protection from; the Shield Bubble will ensure that they stop an elimination from happening for a short time.

The item, when deployed, has a timer or will stop working if it takes up to 400 Hit Points in damage. Nothing can go through it except people, which means they can attack players when they enter the protected area, so be cautious of rushing enemies when using it.

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