Where are the literature samples in Fortnite Season 6: All known locations

Collecting a Literature Sample in Pleasant Park (Image via Twitter)
Collecting a Literature Sample in Pleasant Park (Image via Twitter)
Modified 02 May 2021

Players are on the search for literature samples in Fortnite for a new weekly challenge.

As we all know, Fortnite loves making weekly challenges fun and exciting. This week is no different. This week, players were tasked with finding literature samples in Fortnite. It seems like an odd challenge when compared to the rest of the other challenges. However, players are rushing around to find these literature samples nonetheless.

Well, even if the challenge may be confusing, given below is a list of locations where players can find literature samples in Fortnite.

Literature Samples in Fortnite

In the game, there are only three locations where these literature samples will be hidden. Thankfully, these locations have been narrowed down to Pleasant Park, Lazy Lake, and Retail Row.

While in Pleasant Park, players must travel to the second to last house on the left side of the POI. It is a large house that is white in color. Inside this house, there will be a bookshelf immediately on the left. Players simply need to interact with the glowing light to collect the literature samples in Fortnite. There is one more sample in a nearby dark maroon brick house down the street as well. The literature sample will be in a similar bookshelf within that house.

When at Lazy Lake, all players need to do is head into the bottom left side where there is a fancy-looking building. At the very bottom of that building, there is a small bookshelf, where a player can collect one of the literature samples in Fortnite. The second location in Lazy Lake is right next to the first building, inside the bottom level of the gas station. The literature sample will also be on a small bookshelf near the back.

While in Retail Row, players might remember that there is a bookstore on the eastern side of the POI next to the large water tower. When inside the bookstore, all players need to do is go straight to a set of bookshelves on a white wall next to some stairs. Players will notice a blue glowing light and should then be able to collect a literate sample.

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Published 02 May 2021
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