Why Fortnite needs to add Baryon Mode Naruto variants in Chapter 2 Season 8

The Bayrn Mode of Naruto can be an interesting variation to the standard skin when the outfit is added to Fortnite (Image via Pierrot)
The Baryon Mode of Naruto can be an interesting variation to the standard skin when the outfit is added to Fortnite (Image via Pierrot)

The Fortnite x Naruto hype continues even though there has hardly been any noise from officials if the skin will be released in Chapter 2 Season 8. The hype first started when a document from the court battle between Epic Games and Apple containing the names of upcoming collaborations in Fortnite was leaked.

The document had names like Ariana Grande and J Balvin, both of which turned out to be true in Season 7. The list also had Naruto on it, and since then the community has been eagerly awaiting the release date of the outfit.

@FortniteGame Day: 11 of Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 8Level: 55/56Day: 11 of no Naruto arrival in Fortnite Item Shop Chapter 2 Season 8

However, Donald Mustard himself confirmed in early September that Naruto would not be added to the Season 8 Battle Pass. He did not however deny that the outfit would be released in the game. While there is no assurance that Naruto will be coming to Fortnite in Season 8, things will look fantastic if Epic Games decides to add the Baryon mode of the character to the game.

What is Naruto's Baryon mode and why it should be added to Fortnite?

In one of the recent Boruto episodes, Naruto takes a new form that has never been seen before. Both Kurama and Naruto fused their chakras in a fashion similar to nuclear fusion which emanated a lot of energy and gave rise to the final form of Naruto, the Baryon Mode.

While it is indeed not the happiest of phenomena in the context of the series, Naruto fans will definitely get excited if Fortnite were to add the Baryon Mode as a variation to the standard outfit.

The reasoning behind it is quite simple. Naruto in his Baryon Mode looks magnificent with a Nine Tail cape flowing in different directions. The detai on his face is also quite exquisite and reminiscent of the fox theme because of Kurama.

The hype around Baryon Mode is immense and Fortnite will only profit from this extended collab with the anime. The Superman skin in Fortnite was also released with multiple variations and there is no reason why the same cannot be true for Naruto.

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