Will Fortnite allow skins to be sold as NFTs? The future of Metaverse

Will skins become NFTs in the near future? (Image via Sportskeeda)
Will skins become NFTs in the near future? (Image via Sportskeeda)

Fortnite features countless skins that are rare and highly sought after, opening up a conversation about NFT's in the game. Even when NFTs weren't a thing, players used to buy and sell accounts and their price was largely dependent on the available cosmetics.

Now that NFTs have become the hottest topic on the internet, gamers are curious if they'll be able to sell their Renegade Raider or Special Forces outfits for hundreds and thousands of dollars.


Here's everything players need to know about the future of gaming and how the introduction of NFTs and Metaverse will impact it.

Fortnite developer Epic Games welcomes games that support NFTs

Fortnite is developed and owned by Epic Games that also runs the Epic Games Store. The store contains a plethora of titles and recently, Ubisoft shocked the gaming industry by introducing Ubisoft Quartz NFTs to its AAA project called Ghost Recon: Breakpoint.

Interestingly, Epic Games clarified that it welcomes Ubisoft Quartz and any other game that supports NFTs. The video game developer won't act as a middleman in any of the transactions between the publishers and consumers. In simple words, it won't collect any store fees.

@DineenBarry Epic welcomes games that support NFTs to the Epic Games Store. For these games, the publisher conducts their own NFT transactions directly with customers. Epic isn't a middleman in the transactions, and doesn't collect store fees.

Following this announcement, players were quick to assume that Fortnite skins will eventually be converted to NFTs as well. They are already digital and rare and fit the description of a Non-Fungible Token.

However, NFTs and their sales are much more complex than this.

Fortnite skins might not be sold as NFTs in years to come

The game already has one of the best Creative modes out there, and only Minecraft and Roblox can compete with it. To change modes like Creative and Party Royale to Metaverse, Epic Games won't require too much effort.

When Metaverse arrives in the game, players will be able to interact with each other in these digital environments and buy and sell their cosmetics with Crypto currencies. These transactions can take place via an established Crypto currency or the developers can make their own currency.

This undoubtedly seems like a picture perfect plan where games like Fortnite, Minecraft, and Roblox are bound to succeed. They can setup Metaverses and officiate NFTs as soon as possible.

Unfortunately, Epic Games' founder Tim Sweeney has claimed that the company isn't touching NFTs at the moment because of scams that the Crypto industry has been a part of.

@EliBenSasson Replied:We aren’t touching NFTs as the whole field is currently tangled up with an intractable mix of scams, interesting decentralized tech foundations, and scams.

On the flip side, prominent YouTubers and gamers like Keemstar strongly believe that the rise of NFTs is inevitable. In some years, publishers like Epic Games will allow players to sell their skins for any price they want.

For instance, if players somehow manage to get the rights to their Fortnite Crew packs, they won't waste an opportunity to sell them for a much higher price.

In the future Fortnite will let you redeem your Fortnite skins as a NFT. It’s years away but it will happen. Other large game franchises will follow suit to make $ on the sale %. Remember this tweet.

Amidst all the speculation, it is safe to assume that the scenario of skins becoming NFTs is still years away. However, if that does happen, OG players who own Renegade Raider or Skull Trooper might be in for a treat.

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