3 best Free Fire gun combinations for Clash Squad mode in 2021

The Clash Squad mode is kind of a minimap (Image via Sportskeeda)
The Clash Squad mode is kind of a minimap (Image via Sportskeeda)
Soumyajit Dutta

Clash Squad is a desired and sought-after mode in Free Fire. It is an arcade mode where players can push their rank tiers accordingly.

As the Clash Squad mode is a minimap, short and intense fights are the norm matches. Generally, short-range, dominant guns are used, which enhances the intensity of the mode.

This quick and fast-paced mode requires the best choice of weapons, and this article lists some of the best gun combinations in Free Fire for the Clash Squad mode in March 2021.

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Top 3 Free Fire gun combinations for Clash Squad mode in March 2021

#1 - M1014 + MP40


As previously mentioned, Clash Squad mode is an intense and short-range match type in Free Fire. Hence, the weapons needed for this mode must dominate over close-ranges.

M1014 and MP40 are two of the best options available in this regard. The extreme damage (94) of the M1014 and an excellent mobility of 60 will certainly help players knock down enemies in one fatal blow.

Alongside MP40's heavy fire rate, this weapon combo can be unbeatable in the Clash Squad mode.

#2 - MAG-7 + MP40

Mag-7 in Free Fire
Mag-7 in Free Fire

The Mag-7 and MP40 is one combo in Free Fire that can parallel the previous entry. The Shotgun and SMG weapon combo is as good as it gets.

The Mag-7's high reload speed of 55 and high damage rate of 89 will surely give the player an upper hand over their enemies. Along with the MP40, this combo can surely take down multiple opponents at once.

#3 - Desert Eagle + MP40


This weapon combo in Free Fire is very beneficial during Clash Squad's earlier rounds when players don't have many weapons unlocked. They can use this primary and secondary weapon combo to eliminate enemies effectively.

Over close-range, the Desert Eagle can knock down enemies in a couple of shots, and the MP40 is always potent, with a high rate of fire and a great movement speed, in this short map.

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Note: This list reflects the author's personal views. The guns unlocked in Clash Squad depend upon the kill count of the player. Hence, every player may or may not have the chance to obtain all weapons.

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