3 best Free Fire pets for healing and utility after OB31 update

These are the best pets for healing and utility in Free Fire (Image via Sportskeeda)
These are the best pets for healing and utility in Free Fire (Image via Sportskeeda)

Free Fire is a diverse and dynamic Mobile Battle Royale. Characters have different abilities, gun skins change the attributes of the weapon, and pets play a pivotal role on the battlefield.

Even though they do not engage in direct warfare, they provide players with buffs and bonuses. These abilities can change the tide of a gunfight and help players secure a Booyah.


While there are numerous pets in Free Fire, a few stand out for their ability to provide tactical support and healing. Knowing which ones to use in-game will help players immensely.

Note: All abilities mentioned are at the pets' maximum level.

Which are the best pets for healing and utility in Free Fire?

1) Rockie - 699 diamonds


Rockie's 'Stay Chill' ability reduces the cooldown time for characters' active abilities by 15%. This is a great pet for players who depend a lot on their character's ability in-game.

While it may not sound like much, 15% in reduction time is a lot, especially when using characters that already have abilities with low cooldown times. Players using DJ Alok and Dimitri will benefit greatly from this ability.

2) Robo - 699 diamonds


Robo is a great pet in general. All players can benefit from using his 'Wall Enforcement' ability. It provides an overhead shield to the gloo wall. This allows it to absorb a further 100 HP worth of damage before breaking apart.

Since gloo walls play a vital role in Free Fire, having stronger walls is very useful. During a rush or when caught in the open, the extra HP will be a saving grace. However, players will have to be vigilant of Skyler and Xayne, as their abilities can easily destroy gloo walls.

3) Ottero - 699 diamonds


Ottero's 'Double Blubber' ability is underrated in Free Fire. When using a medkit or treatment pistol, players will recover HP and some EP. The amount of EP recovered is equal to 65% of HP regained.

This ability allows players to gain EP for passive healing. During combat, players can rely on this stored EP to heal without having to use a medkit. When combined with a character such as A124, users can rapidly heal in-game.

Note: The list is in no particular order. The article is subjective and solely reflects the writer's opinions.

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