3 tips to win the Clash Squad mode in Free Fire

Tips to win the Clash Squad mode in Free Fire
Tips to win the Clash Squad mode in Free Fire

Free Fire has established itself as one of the most popular games of the battle royale genre. The game is quite competitive, and every player desires to reach the higher tiers and become the best. There are two primary game modes present in Free Fire - Battle Royale and Clash Squad.

In the Clash Squad mode, eight players are divided into two teams - Warbringers and Howlers. The sides face off in seven rounds. The team that emerges triumphant in four of them gets the Booyah!

This article provides several tips that can help users improve their gameplay in the Clash Squad mode and end up on the winning side.

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Tips for Clash Squad mode in Free Fire

#1 Character combination


The character combinations play an important role in Garena Free Fire. It is quite an essential part of the Clash Squad mode. Having Kla in the combination can sometimes be a viable option for the players as at the max level, it would help them knock out the enemies in a single melee attack.

Also, having characters for replenishing the HP like Alok or K is quite useful. Players can also have a combination with Chrono for aggressive play.

Overall, having the right combination should align with the playing style and enable the users to perform much better in the Clash Squad match.

#2 Avoid picking early fights and usage of utilities


Though it might sound strange, avoiding early fights and reducing the pace can be a good strategy even in the Clash Squad. In essence, the players can try to focus on taking control of important locations/compounds and engage in the gunfight at the right time.

Utilities like gloo walls and grenades are equally as important as the weapons in this mode. The grenade damage can soften up the foes, making it slightly easier to take them down. Simultaneously, the gloo wall's importance cannot be understated as it forms a great cover for the players.

#3 Purchases


Unlike the battle royale mode, players do not obtain guns as loot and have to purchase them. They must make coordinated purchases enabling them to have a chance to defeat their foes.

Purchasing firearms when the team is using pistols doesn’t make much sense. If a user has surplus cash, they can consider dropping the gun to the teammates in need of one.

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