5 best active character abilities in Free Fire after OB30 update

These are some of the best characters in Free Fire with active abilities (Image via Garena Free Fire)
These are some of the best characters in Free Fire with active abilities (Image via Garena Free Fire)

Although there are multiple characters for players to pick in Free Fire, a few of them stand out for their active abilities. These characters are harder to master, but they become unstoppable once users find the perfect playstyle.

Following the OB30 update, a few of these characters were nerfed due to their abilities being too strong. Ironically enough, they are still powerful and popular enough to make it on this list.


Five most potent active character abilities in Free Fire currently

5) Chrono


Despite the multiple nerfs, Chrono is still one of the best characters in Free Fire who boasts perhaps the most powerful active skill. While players may find the nerfs dampening their aggressive playstyle, Chrono is still lethal when used correctly.

Time Turner is unmatched in-game, and users still have a hard time finding an effective counter to this skill. As mentioned above, despite his nerfs, Chrono remains an amazing character to pick for aggressive playstyles.

4) Skyler


Skyler is still one of the most valuable characters in Free Fire. Riptide Rhythm can devastate gloo walls and leave players defenseless. His ability is aggressive and perfect for pushing opponents.

In addition to destroying gloo walls, this character earns HP from deploying gloo walls. This makes him perfect for solo rushes and long-drawn engagements. Skilled gamers can use Skyler to render enemy defenses helpless in open terrain.

3) Alok


DJ Alok is by far one of the most useful characters in-game. He can be used in multiple ways, and skilled players find great success using him during solo matches.

His unique ability, Drop The Beat, creates an aura, ensuring that all nearby teammates can receive a speed buff and recover HP. And as it is usable while on the move, users can utilize it in numerous ways.

2) K


K's Master of All in Free Fire is complex. Newcomers will be left confused and will wonder how EP can help win a match. However, when in the hands of experienced players and teams, K's abilities are slightly overpowered.

Unlike other supporting characters who heal using their skills, K's ability relies heavily on EP but can heal teammates much faster than usual and restore full health.

This ability, if used correctly, will provide the entire squad a second chance at survival.

1) Wukong


Despite Wukong receiving a slight nerf, the character is still one of the best out there for solo gamers or those who enjoy causing a bit of mischief in-game and confusing opponents.

His unique Camouflage ability lets him turn into a bush and ambush opponents with ease in Free Fire. One of the highlights of his skill is that players can reset it by taking down an opponent.

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