Free Fire OB30 leaked patch notes: Chrono and Wukong nerfed, weapon balance, and replay system

The patch notes for the OB30 update have been leaked (Image via Free Fire)
The patch notes for the OB30 update have been leaked (Image via Free Fire)

Free Fire OB30 has been one of the subjects of conversation in the Free Fire community ever since the conclusion of the Advance Server. It is set to be released in the upcoming few days and is expected to bring in plenty of new features for players to enjoy.

A prominent Free Fire data miner, Knight Clown, recently leaked the patch notes for the upcoming Free Fire OB30 update. They mention new game modes, character nerfs and buffs, weapon balance, new replay features, and more.

Leaked patch notes for Free Fire OB30

Here are the Free Fire Max exclusive features:


  • A new interface to display the most popular and recommended maps in Craftland.
  • Playground mode is available for players to hang out with.
  • The minimap will be generated automatically.
  • Series of new customizable items, including tires and tires.

Sound update and optimization

  • Firing sound optimization for M4A1 and MP5
  • Reload animation for Vector Akimbo and Kingfisher is improved.

Here are the common features for both versions of Free Fire:

Clash Squad

  • New 6v6 Clash Squad available in custom room
  • Play zone and spawn point adjustment for the Clock Tower and Mars Electric area.

Battle Royale

Airdrop Vending Machine (Available in classic and ranked)

  • Airdrop Vending Machine is now available in Battle Royale and will provide more items.

Revival Points

  • HUD and UI display optimization.
  • A countdown will be displayed for when revival points will be closed for the match.
  • Gamers can see the captured Revival Points.

Play Zone Adjustment

  • Increased the damage of play zones by 10%.
  • Increased the damage increase of play zones by 3%.

Training Grounds

Combat Zone

  • Layout adjustments have been made on the combat zone to make more enemies visible.

Character and Pets

Chrono – character skill adjustment

  • Movement Speed – 5/7/9/11/13/15% -> 5/6/7/8/9/10%.
  • Skill duration – 3/4/5/6/7/8 seconds -> 3/3/4/4/5/5 seconds.
  • Cooldown – 200/192/185/179/174/170 seconds -> 250/242/235/229/224/220 seconds.

Wukong – character skill adjustment

  • [New] Movement speed reduction by 20% when the ability is activated.

Andrew “The Fierce” - character skill adjustment

  • Damage Reduction: 8/9/10/11/12/14% -> 5/7/8/9/10/11%

Shirou - character skill adjustment

  • CD – 35/34/32/29/25/20 seconds -> 25/24/22/19/15/10 seconds.

Jai Microchip

  • Users can get Jai’s Raging Reload skill through this chip. It will be available in the store.

Weapons and Balance

Armor Attachments

  • Vest Thickener and Vest HP Booster are available in battle royale mode.

Treatment Sniper – Available in the battle royale

  • Base Damage: 70.
  • Heal Strength: 50.
  • Rate of Fire: 0.45.

SPAS – 12

  • Range: +10%.


  • Base Damage: +50%.
  • Rate of Fire: +20%.


  • Maximum damage: -25%.


  • Range: +10%.


  • Armor Penetration: +8%.


  • Recoil: +8%.


  • Minimum damage while scoped-in: +25%.


  • Reload time: -20%.
  • Rate of fire: -5%.
  • Ammo: -5.
  • Rate of fire in Akimbo: -20%.
  • Movement speed in Akimbo: -4%.

Gameplay and system

Replay System (Beta)

  • It is available on the profile page for selected devices.

New Guild UI

  • A new and revamped guild UI will be provided to players.
  • New guild crates will also be available.

Optimization and bug fix

  • Users can split their items into stacks while dropping them.
  • Players’ rank star count will be displayed in Clash Squad leaderboard.

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