5 best Android apps for earning Free Fire diamonds in India (MAX Version)

5 Best apps to earn diamonds (Image via Sportskeeda)
5 Best apps to earn diamonds (Image via Sportskeeda)

Free Fire MAX diamonds serve as a means for players to purchase in-game items through several mediums such as store and events. While some of these are only for aesthetic reasons, others have the potential to provide players with an edge in the game, which drives gamers' desire to obtain premium currency.

In addition to these acquisitions, the currency is necessary for other aspects of the game, such as altering the nickname or the name of the guild, both of which indicate their importance and worth. However, the main concern among the individuals is that the currency cannot be obtained within the game, and generally, users have to purchase these.

Free Fire MAX users have a few different choices to get the premium currency at no cost. However, it involves much more than just a few clicks to get the rewards.

Note: Free Fire is banned in India and gamers should not play the title. However, they may continue to play Free Fire MAX.

Best applications to get Free Fire MAX diamonds

5) Rewardr


Rewardr is an application that rewards gamers for completing various tasks and other objectives, such as downloading applications, playing popular games, answering surveys, completing quizzes, and more. The rating is placed at over four with 500k downloads on the Google Play Store.

Players will first have to create an account, but creating more than one on any device is not allowed. Moreover, Indian users can also withdraw their rewards as PayPal Cash.

4) SB Answers

Screenshot of the app's Play Store page (Image via Google Play Store)
Screenshot of the app's Play Store page (Image via Google Play Store)

SB Answers lets gamers earn gift cards from various stores, including PayPal Cash, Google Play, and Amazon, to answer surveys. Users will not receive the cards directly and will have to earn a special in-app currency called SB, which can be exchanged for rewards.

Other additional options to earn the rewards include daily polls, providing details about themselves, etc. It is also rated at 4.4 in 74 thousand reviews with more than a million installs.

3) App Station


App Station lets players fetch rewards by playing mobile games, which offers great opportunities. It has more than 10 million installations and 4.3 stars out of 219 thousand reviews demonstrating its popularity.

Players should download the application and then create their accounts to track their progress before playing the game without any ads. They will receive rewards for playing them and completing the levels, which can be cashed out as Amazon cards, Google Play gift cards, Steam coupons, and more.

2) Booyah

Booyah is also a good option (Image via Google Play Store)
Booyah is also a good option (Image via Google Play Store)

The video-sharing platform Booyah is dedicated solely to hosting gaming-related videos and is a good option available to players to get free diamonds. The application form Garena allows them to watch their favorite content creators and subsequently stands a chance to earn rewards through several watches to win events.

However, there is no assurance of a specific reward, and gamers may receive a random item from a pool containing Free Fire MAX items, diamonds, and gift cards. Moreover, Garena hosts different contests in which gamers can participate.

1) Google Opinion Rewards

Google Opinion Rewards is the best selection that players can make (Image via Google Play Store)
Google Opinion Rewards is the best selection that players can make (Image via Google Play Store)

Acquiring Free Fire MAX's premium in-game currency with Google Opinion Rewards is the most effective option currently available to players. Users will be notified of the surveys after setting up their accounts. They may answer for rewards in the form of Google Play credits.

They have the opportunity to receive up to INR 32.20 in incentives, while the actual amount may vary. Subsequently, players may accumulate credit and use it before expiry to make a top-up within the game or purchase a special airdrop.

Note: This article outlines the writer's opinions. Users should go through the terms of service and privacy policy before using any application.

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