5 best Free Fire character abilities for solo matches in October 2021

Most useful character abilities for the Free Fire solo mode (Image via Wallpapersden)
Most useful character abilities for the Free Fire solo mode (Image via Wallpapersden)

Free Fire recently received the OB30 update that rolled out a few changes to the game. Apart from improving the gameplay, the update tweaked minor settings when it came to character abilities.

These skills are one of the most important aspects of the game. When used ideally, they can be the deciding factor between winning and second spot.

While newcomers might find it hard getting used to characters' gameplay, professionals heavily depend upon them to get the coveted Booyah in Free Fire.

Free Fire: Which character abilities to choose for solo mode

5) Jota - Sustained Raids

Face-offs with enemies often reduce gamers' health, and they have to resort to medkits to restore health. However, with Jota's Sustained Raids, they won't encounter this issue in Free Fire.

Users who attack opponents using a gun will experience a boost in their HP every time the enemy is hit. Knocking down the opponent will grant a 10% boost in HP.

4) Wukong - Camouflage

Survival is a key aspect in winning a battle royale game, and Free Fire is no exception. While users can fight their way to survival, at times, it is better to stay low and avoid engaging in face-offs.

During these situations, Wukong's Camouflage comes in handy. Players who use this ability turn into a bush for 10 seconds, enough to avoid the scavenging eyes of opponents.

3) DJ Alok - Drop the Beat

It is pretty tricky to keep the most popular character and his ability out of the list. DJ Alok's Drop the Beat is one of the best in the game and indeed a great addition to Free Fire's solo mode.

It creates a 5m aura around the gamer and gives a 10% boost to sprinting speed. Apart from this, the skill also restores the HP for 5 seconds.

This ability is highly effective when gamers lag behind the shrinking safe zone and need to dash towards the circle.

2) Chrono - Time Turner

Time Turner has been nerfed following the OB30 update. Despite that, it remains one of the most efficient character abilities in Free Fire.

Deploying it obstructs 600 damages from opponents by creating a force field around the user. However, they can fire and inflict damage to opponents from the inside.

Players also experience a 5% movement enhancement after deploying this ability in Free Fire.

1) Skyler - Riptide Rhythm

Gloo walls are quite efficient utility items in Free Fire. These walls not only obstruct enemies but can also be used to corner gamers and ambush them.

Gamers trapped in such a scenario can use Riptide Rhythm to break the obstruction and surge ahead. Using this ability deploys a sonic wave that is strong enough to break gloo walls.

It is quite efficient in the solo mode, especially during the latter half of the game, where the zone is small, and players try to trap their opponents.

Note: This article is subjective and reflects the views of the author.

Edited by Ravi Iyer
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