5 best Free Fire characters for players with a passive playstyle

Best characters for those with passive playstyle in Free Fire (Image via Free Fire)
Best characters for those with passive playstyle in Free Fire (Image via Free Fire)
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Free Fire is a renowned name on the internet for providing an amazing battle royale experience. There are more than 30 different characters available for players to choose from based on their preferences.

Players can explore various modes like clash squad, classic and much more in Free Fire, and they can purchase characters based on their playstyle to tackle these matches.

This article discusses the five best characters for players with a passive playstyle in Free Fire.

Free Fire characters with abilities that best support a passive playstyle

5) Jota

Jota in Free Fire (Image via
Jota in Free Fire (Image via

Jota's skill is called Sustained Raids. It helps the user to regain some amount of HP upon shooting an enemy player. By knocking down an enemy, the user can recover up to 10% HP. Jota is priced at 499 diamonds in the store section.

4) Chrono

Chrono in Free Fire (Image via
Chrono in Free Fire (Image via

Chrono's character is inspired by the famous football personality Cristiano Ronaldo. His skill is called Time Turner and it helps the user create a force field capable of blocking 600 damage dealt by enemies. Inside the force field, the movement speed is boosted by 5%, and all effects last for 3 seconds.

3) Shirou

Shirou in Free Fire (Image via

Shirou's Damage Delivered ability helps the user mark the shot enemy player for 6 seconds within 80m. This marking is only visible to the user. Along with this, the first shot on the marked enemies has 50% additional armor penetration.

2) Otho


Otho is another significant choice for users who prefer a passive playstyle. He boasts a passive skill called Memory Mist. It comes in very handy for players who play a supporting role in the team. The ability allows the user to reveal the position of enemies within a distance of 25m upon eliminating a member from the enemy team.

1) DJ Alok

DJ Alok in Free Fire (Image via
DJ Alok in Free Fire (Image via

DJ Alok is one of the most beloved characters in the game due to his Drop the Beat ability. It allows the user to create a 5m aura in which the movement speed increases by 10%. Inside the aura, players can also restore 5 HP per second for 5 seconds. DJ Alok is available for 599 diamonds in the store.

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