5 best Free Fire characters for ranked mode in Season 24

What are the best characters to choose for ranked mode in Free Fire (Image via Garena)
What are the best characters to choose for ranked mode in Free Fire (Image via Garena)

Many gamers have started grinding hard to maximize their tiers since Garena Free Fire's BR Rank Season 24 began on 22 October 2021. Like the previous ones, the new season has also brought various rewards for the fans that one can acquire at specific ranks.

Hence, the players who have not started grinding yet should buckle up. They should also focus on acquiring some decent characters as reaching a higher tier like Heroic requires a decent skill-set blended with powerful in-game abilities.

Explore these characters for ranked mode in Free Fire's Rank Season 24

5) Chrono

Chrono - Time Turner (Image via Free Fire)
Chrono - Time Turner (Image via Free Fire)

Chrono is a decent character choice for ranked mode as Time Turner's ability provides instant cover on the battlefield. The temporary yet instant shield is crucial to escape as well as rush.

At the first skill level, the ability also increases the movement speed by 5%, along with a force field (shield) that blocks 600 damages. Although the effects last for only three seconds with a mammoth 200-second cooldown, players can improve them through the level-ups.

4) Dimitri

Dimitri - Healing Heartbeat (image via Free Fire)
Dimitri - Healing Heartbeat (image via Free Fire)

Dimitri is another useful character that recovers the HP, creating a zone. His ability is known as Healing Heartbeat that creates a healing zone of 3.5m in diameter. Players and allies can heal themselves using the same at a rate of three HP per second.

Dimitri's ability enables a revival process that helps knock out players or allies to self-recover using the healing zone within 10 seconds (base level). Healing Heartbeat takes 85 seconds to recharge at the lowest skill level, which lowers to 60 at max level.

3) Alok (Drop the Beat)

Alok - Drop the Beat (Image via Free Fire)
Alok - Drop the Beat (Image via Free Fire)

DJ Alok is one such character that makes to every list about powerful characters in Free Fire, and therefore, his inclusion in this listicle is not surprising at all. Developers have maintained his overpowered status despite nerfing his skills over time.

The reason behind Alok's popularity is his ability, Drop the Beat, which creates a 5m-aura. The aura revolves around the character for five seconds and provides an HP recovery of five per second. If any teammate comes inside the aura, they will increase the movement speed by 10%.

2) K

K (Image via Free Fire)
K (Image via Free Fire)

K, popularly known as Captain Booyah, is one best yet underrated characters in Free Fire. His incredible ability, Master of All, offers an additional Max EP, a huge advantage over other players in a ranked mode.

While players also get two modes with K's ability - Jiu-jitsu and Psychology. The former offers a five-time increase in the EP conversion rate of Allies. The latter recovers two EP every three seconds, up to a maximum of 150 EP for players.

1) Skyler

Skyler - Riptide Rhythm (Image via Free Fire)
Skyler - Riptide Rhythm (Image via Free Fire)

Skyler is an excellent choice for ranked mode as one can use its capabilities to rush and defend. His ability Riptide Rhythm, after activation, can instantly damage as many as five Gloo walls within a 50m range.

One can also use Skyler for HP recovery with each Gloo Wall deployment. The HP regeneration begins at four points and is enhanced whenever players deploy an extra Gloo Wall.

Skyler's ability also offers a decent 60-second CD at the base level, and players can lower it further with upgrades. The range and HP recovery also enhanced to 100 meters and 9 points at the sixth level.

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