5 best Free Fire OB34 features and changes in the upcoming update

Top five additions and optimizations to expect for the OB34 update (Image via Garena)
Top five additions and optimizations to expect for the OB34 update (Image via Garena)

It has been almost five days since Garena launched the Advance Server program for the Free Fire OB34 version. Many users have joined the program to take a sneak peek at Free Fire's unreleased content, which may or may not feature in the forthcoming patch update of the game.

The OB34 update is expected to arrive later this month. In the meantime, gamers should provide their feedback regarding the Advance Server content. The Advance Server has various intriguing features that users can see in Free Fire's patch update.

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Free Fire Advance Server: Top five additions or optimizations in the OB34 version

The five best OB34 Advance Server features, additions and adjustments that are highly likely to make it to the May update of Free Fire and its MAX variant are listed as follows:

1) Mystery character

  • Ability - Senses Shockwave (active)
  • Cooldown - 140 seconds

A new mystery character with an active ability named "Senses Shockwave" has been included in the Advance Server. The ability allows users to deploy a drone towards the nearest enemy within a 100-meter frontal distance.

The drone then unleashes a five-meter unleashes a "pulse explosion," which reduces the movement and firing speeds of the enemy by 50% and 10%, respectively, while also dealing 25 damage to the opponent.

2) Finn - New pet


The shark-faced humanoid pet, Finn, is the new character companion that players have spotted in the Advance Server. Finn's skill is Dash Splash, which grants a 4% increase in agility for a two-second duration with a CD time of 120 seconds.

3) Chrono's potential buff

Chrono has received a buff in the OB34 Advance Server (Image via Garena)
Chrono has received a buff in the OB34 Advance Server (Image via Garena)

OB34 update is expected to bring ability adjustments for a series of characters in Free Fire MAX and the original title. These skill optimizations have been featured in Advance Server that hinted at balance changes for characters like Skyler, Alok, A124, and more.

However, among these adjustments, the most notable is that of Chrono. Interestingly, after undergoing multiple nerfs for the past few updates, the CR7-themed character will finally receive a much-needed buff in terms of CD time (substantial decrease).

4) M24 - New weapon (sniper)


Developers add new weapons with every update, and this time around, they seem to have focused on the sniper category. The upcoming version will likely bring a new gun, M24, which may be a deadly long-range option while aiding quick kills.

5) Bomb Squad 5v5 - Ranked

Ranked variant for Bomb Squad 5v5 (Image via Garena)
Ranked variant for Bomb Squad 5v5 (Image via Garena)

The latest Advance Server also features a Ranked variant for Bomb Squad 5v5, a mode that was previously introduced in the OB20 update. The Ranked mode will feature two maps, El Pastelo and Stonescape, and have gameplay similar to CS: GO.

It is possible that any of the features mentioned above may not arrive in the actual update. However, there is a high chance that all of them will be a part of OB34 patch notes later this month.

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