5 best Free Fire YouTubers in the world

List of the best Free Fire YouTubers (Image via Free Fire)
List of the best Free Fire YouTubers (Image via Free Fire)

The creation and streaming of content relating to Free Fire has exploded in popularity over the last few years. The game has a sizable fan base across several platforms, including YouTube and Twitch, which has aided in the growth of loads of content creators.

On YouTube, fans have access to unique and original content revolving around the game. This article is a list of the top five YouTubers who are creating Free Fire videos.

Note: This list is entirely based on the writer's opinion, and users might prefer one YouTuber over the other.

List of the 5 best Free Fire YouTubers

5) Helping Gamer: Event guides


Sarfraj, also known as Helping Gamer, is one of the best Free Fire content creators that readers may come across. As the name of his channel implies, he intends to assist fans by releasing guides for the numerous events that take place in the game.

He has 6.79 million subscribers and 435.85 million views at the time of writing.

4) Freefirenews: News and leaks


Freefirenews is the next YouTuber on this list. On his YouTube channel, he posts information on upcoming leaks as well as general news about the game. Hence, Freefirenews is one of the best sources to stay updated about what's happening in the game.

He currently boasts a subscriber count of around 643 thousand with 65.10 million views combined.

3) TWO SIDE GAMERS: Unique and entertaining content


TWO SIDE GAMERS is a YouTube channel with 8.49 million subscribers, which is run by the duo of Ritik Jain (TSG Ritik) and Jash Dhoka (TSG Jash). They are perhaps the most interesting and original Free Fire content creators. Their videos contain challenges and live streams, among other things.

TWO SIDE GAMERS have accumulated 210 thousand subscribers and 52.76 million views during the last 30 days.

2) Nobru: Gameplay


Brun Goes, otherwise known as Nobru, is one of the most prominent figures in the Free Fire community. He is a professional esports athlete for "Fluxo" and has a YouTube channel where he often uploads gameplay footage.

Nobru exhibits incredible skills and provides further insight regarding gameplay. He is approaching the 13 million subscriber mark and is currently at 12.8 million.

1) Total Gaming: Commentary and more


Ajjubhai (Total Gaming) takes the top position on this list. He is considered by many to be one of the best Free Fire YouTubers, and the numbers that he has collected clearly demonstrate that. His commentary on gameplay, events, and other topics is quite entertaining to watch.

The Total Gaming YouTube channel has over 27.7 million subscribers and 4.67 billion views. Apart from that, he runs three other channels as well.

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