5 best passive character abilities in Free Fire MAX after OB34 update

Listing the best passive abilities in Free Fire after the OB34 update (Image via Garena)
Passive abilities in Free Fire can be beneficial (Image via Garena)
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Garena Free Fire MAX has a long line-up of character abilities that have been one of its most essential aspects. Players can use tactical assistance from character skills (active or passive) in different combat situations in a match.

Usually, gamers choose active abilities over their passive counterparts due to their fame and exceptional capabilities. Hence, passive skills are considered secondary options, and they frequently employ these powers in the additional slots to form a character combination.

However, passive abilities have two primary benefits over active skills: automatic activation and no cooldown. Thus, users, especially beginners, should use such character abilities at low tiers in the ranked mode of Free Fire MAX.

Garena Free Fire MAX: Five most potent passive character abilities after OB34 update

Garena launched the OB34 update on 25 May and brought several optimizations to the game. The character abilities were among the features that received balance changes with the latest patch update of Free Fire and its MAX variant.

After the OB34 update, here is the list of the best passive character abilities in Free Fire MAX that gamers can use:

1) Bullet Beats (D-Bee)


Final level attributes (upgradable):

  • Agility - 20%
  • Accuracy - 35%

Movement speed and accuracy play a crucial role, making D-Bee a brilliant character in Free Fire MAX. Bullet Beats boosts agility and accuracy by 10% each at the first level.

Gamers can activate Bullet Beats after they start firing while moving on the battlefield. After the OB34 update, D-Bee's skill has received a rework that allows the character to optimize the agility boost as per the weapon.

2) Bushido and Art of Blades (Hayato)


Final level attributes (upgradable):

  • Armor penetration - 10%
  • Decrease in Damage - 3.5%

Next on the list of best passive abilities in Free Fire MAX is Hayato's abilities, Bushido and Art of Blades. The former is the default skill, while the latter is the awakened ability, as Hayato is one of the four characters in the game that have Elite variants.

Hayato's Bushido increases the armor penetration by 7.5% with every 10% decrease in the max HP of the character. The awakened state further slashes the frontal damage by 1% each time the max HP decreases by 10%.

Users can unlock Art of Blades by completing the awaken missions in Free Fire MAX to use both abilities together.

3) Hat Trick (Luqueta)


Final level attributes (upgradable): Max HP - 25 points

Healing points are critical for gamers to survive a game, so having an additional HP bar capacity becomes vital. Gamers can execute their strategies, especially the aggressive ones, in matches more freely if they have extra HP.

Thus, Luqueta's Hat Trick becomes a decent skill in any game mode as it upscales the max HP (bar capacity) by 10 points at the first level. The only work users have to do to get the increase in power is scoring kills in a match.

The maximum increase players can register in the HP bar capacity is 50 points. Thus, at the first level, they will have to score five eliminations to reach the maximum potential of Hat Trick, while at the final level, only two frags will do the job.

4) Partying On (Dasha)


Final level attributes (upgradable):

  • Damage reduction - 50%
  • Decrease in recovery time - 80%
  • Decrease in recoil buildup - 10%
  • Reduction of maximum recoil - 10%

Dasha is among the most underrated characters in the game as most individuals often overlook her skill, Partying On. They can substantially decrease the damage taken from falls and reduce recovery time.

In addition, Partying On assists users with its recoil reduction capabilities. They can snip the recoil buildup and the maximum recoil by 6% each at the first level, stabilizing most weapons (especially in closer ranges).

5) Sustained Raids (Jota)


Final level attributes (upgradable): HP recovery - 20%

Jota is the final entry on this list as he is arguably one of the most exceptional passive ability characters gamers can use in Free Fire MAX. He sometimes outperforms many active skill characters.

Individuals can use Sustained Raids to recover some HP after hitting opponents with guns. Furthermore, they can claim 10% of max HP when completing an enemy knockdown using guns.

Note: This list is entirely based on the author's personal opinion.

Edited by Ravi Iyer
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