5 best tips to use shotguns like a pro in Free Fire MAX

5 best tips to use shotguns like pro in Free Fire MAX
Best tips to use shotguns like pro in Free Fire MAX (Image via Sportskeeda)

Free Fire MAX is a survival multiplayer shooting game boasting millions of fans. The title offers an intense battle royale experience that players can get from different maps and modes. Developers have added an impressive weapon armory, allowing players to choose from a range of guns, including assault rifles, SMGs, sniper rifles, and shotguns.

Shotguns are the deadliest weapon and mastering them can make the player a pro. However, this requires a lot of expertise and accuracy.

This article discusses the five best tips that players can follow to use shotguns like a pro in Free Fire MAX.

Five essential tips to become a shotgun specialist in Free Fire MAX

5) Reload timing


With a lesser number of bullets per round, it becomes important for players to learn the perfect time to reload their weapons. Shotguns feature decent reload time and with fewer bullets in the gun, it can be fatal for wielders as they can get eliminated in the interim.

To avoid this, one must keep an eye on their bullet count while entering a battle. Players must look for the perfect opportunity to reload their weapons to increase their chances of victory.

4) Use the weapon in an effective range


Shotguns come with high damage and explosive armor penetration. It makes the weapon unbeatable in most close-range gunfights. However, the weapons lack in range as the bullet spread is quite high.

Hence, players are advised to use shotguns wisely when their opponent is in the effective shooting range.

3) Use suitable characters


Free Fire MAX has more than 30 different characters with special powers and abilities. Players can use these abilities to match with shotguns to get better gameplay. Hayato is the most recommended character for shotgun lovers in Free Fire MAX.

His Bushido skill is of great use with shotguns as it offers the ability for every 10% decrease in HP, and players gain 10% armor penetration. With this skill, they can catch their opponents off guard.

2) Focus more on accuracy


When using shotguns, players need to be very accurate. Multiple shotguns in Free Fire MAX come with two or three shots per round. Hence, it becomes necessary for players to connect more of the shots to their rivals.

With high damage per hit, the player can easily take down the enemy in a 1v1 battle. To enhance accuracy, players can customize their sensitivity settings, HUD controls, and crosshair colors for better vision.

1) Aim for the head


The best tip that players can follow to deal maximum damage with a shotgun is to aim at the opponent's head. Though shotguns are capable of knocking down an enemy with a single body shot, headshots will eliminate any risk of evasion.

To improve headshot accuracy, players can head to the training ground and practice different aim tracing drills. This will give them an edge in close-range fights and greatly enhance their overall gameplay.

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