5 common Free Fire hot-drop locations you should avoid while pushing rank

Avoid hot dropping into these locations while pushing rank (Image via Garena Free Fire)
Avoid hot dropping into these locations while pushing rank (Image via Garena Free Fire)

By now, most seasoned Free Fire players know the dangers of a hot drop. Most avoid dropping into hot drop locations, as the risk involved is not worth the loot or the possibility of getting eliminated early in the game.

However, those new to the game or the battle royale genre are unaware of how dangerous it is to land in hot drop locations. While there are some high-risk regions on every map, a few of them stand out as the most precarious locations in-game to land at.

Five hot drop locations Free Fire players should avoid while pushing rank

1) Refinery (Kalahari)

Refinery is a well-known hot drop location in Free Fire. The area is bound to see action during every match as firefights break out moments after the landing phase ends.

The location is so volatile that it remains a hot spot throughout the match in some instances. Due to the high-tier loot pool, high ground advantage, and plenty of room to do micro rotations, players love hot dropping here.

4) Command Post (Kalahari)

Although Command Post is not a hot drop location in all Free Fire matches, the site has become immensely popular due to the high amount of loot, an abundance of hiding space, and players to shoot at throughout the game.

Users with an aggressive playstyle can indeed land here during a ranked push to gain early game eliminations. However, if they cannot cope with their opponents, the outcome will not be good.

3) Clock Tower (Bermuda)

Due to being positioned in a centralized location on the map, Clock Tower is a well-known hot drop location in every Free Fire match. Players try to control the area and lock it down to prevent others from rotating through it.

If players want to land here for quick looting, they can land in the outer regions of the area. However, it's not worth the risk, as rotating from the site may become dangerous.

2) Peak (Bermuda)

Peak is by far the most strategic location on Free Fire's Bermuda map. It's located in the center, with a clear view of the terrain on all sides. Gamers usually drop into the area to secure an early game zone advantage.

While players can land here while pushing rank, the risk outweighs the reward, as the area sees action throughout the match. That said, aggressive players who want to gain eliminations during the early game and don't mind the risks involved should land here.

1) Brasilia (Purgatory)

In Free Fire's Purgatory map, Brasilia is one location where the fighting doesn't seem to ever stop. From the moment the landing phase ends until players are forced to move out due to the safe zone moving, gunshots will be heard from the location constantly.

What makes Brasilia dangerous is that it has a lot of open ground that players need to cover to rotate. Although there are houses to hide in, they will offer little protection from aggressive players.

Note: This article reflects the author's views.

Edited by Ravi Iyer

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