Top 5 tips to find the best spots to hold in Free Fire

Follow these tips to find the best spots to hold in Free Fire (Image via Garena Free Fire)
Follow these tips to find the best spots to hold in Free Fire (Image via Garena Free Fire)
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Playing defensively is a great way to get easy kills in Free Fire. Although it may not always be as effective as an aggressive playstyle, it does have its perks and merits in certain contexts.

Knowing how to find good spots to hold in-game can be the difference between easy kills and getting eliminated. Although the process is fairly basic, players often tend to forget a few important factors when choosing a location.

This article will help players understand the importance of choosing a good spot to hold in Free Fire, alongside a few basic do's and don'ts that should be kept in mind while trying this playstyle.


Top 5 tips to keep in mind while looking for good loactions to hold in Free Fire

5) Picking the right place to land

Although holding a spot is a defensive playstyle, players can still hot-drop into populated areas. While landing in isolated areas is generally safer, experienced players need not shy away from landing in more populated areas.

Once the landing phase is over, players need to ascertain if the area is indeed good for holding, or if a nearby area would be better. Deciding where to land will determine how easy or difficult the entire process of holding becomes.


4) Good loot

Irrespective of where players land in Free Fire, they need to rush to secure loot at the location. Holding a spot becomes difficult if players do not secure good loot in the early game phase.

Players should even search the surrounding area for additional loot before returning to the selected spot that they want to hold and lockdown. Healing items and gloo walls should be items that players prioritize.


3) High ground advantage

Finding a spot with a high ground advantage is of the utmost importance in Free Fire. While holding spots in flat open terrain is possible with gloo walls and houses to use for cover, finding high ground is always an added bonus.

For starters, on high ground players will be harder to shoot at due the angle, and they will be able to shoot back at opponents with ease. Furthermore, high ground also provides a clear view of the surrounding area, allowing players to spot incoming enemies.


2) Easy to rotate away from

When choosing a spot to hold in Free Fire, an important question to ask is, "Will it be easy to rotate away from this location?" Most players won't need to rotate provided that they are well entrenched. However, if enemies push and get the upper hand, players will be forced to rotate in order to survive.

In order to ensure a smooth rotation, players should pick areas that have good cover which can be used while falling back. Additionally, players can even deploy gloo walls to make it easier to rotate.


1) High volume of traffic

In order to effectively hold a spot and get kills, players will have to land next to drop locations that have a high volume of traffic. Not all hot-drop zones see a lot of players coming through after the landing phase ends, so finding a good spot is essential.

Having said that, this will be a variable factor in every Free Fire match, as the density of players will be spread out randomly over the map, making it hard to predict an exact location to hold.


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