Top 5 mistakes Free Fire players make in end zones

Players should avoid making these mistakes in the end zones of Free Fire (Image via Garena Free Fire)
Players should avoid making these mistakes in the end zones of Free Fire (Image via Garena Free Fire)

The end zones in a Free Fire match can get relatively difficult due to several factors such as smaller safe zones, enemies having a high ground advantage, or simply due to bad positioning.

While some factors will remain a variable and be unavoidable, other factors can be directly controlled by the player. With that being said, here are a few mistakes that players should avoid making in the end zones.


Top five mistakes players should avoid in the end zones of Free Fire

5) Not enough supplies

The most common mistake that most players make in Free Fire end zones is not bringing enough supplies. More often than not, players will enter the end zones of the match and try to find ammo and healing items in bulk.

This not only prevents players from securing the area, but also forces them to constantly rotate unnecessarily to find supplies. What's worse is that many enemy players will be doing the same, which is bound to cause issues. To avoid all of this, players should stock up well before the final two or three end zones in-game.


4) Giving away location

Players should avoid shooting without reason or without the surety of getting an elimination, as it gives away their location on the mini-map. While gunfire can be used strategically to draw in opponents to ambush them, most players simply shoot because they can.

A good way to avoid giving away position in Free Fire is to use silencers. Although muzzles will provide a boost to damage, silencers are a great way to remain hidden and undetected.


3) Rushing opponents without a plan

At times rushing opponents in Free Fire becomes unavoidable. The only chance of survival is a mad rush mixed in with a lot of luck. However, most of the time players tend to do this in situations where it's avoidable.

Rushing opponents without a plan is never a good idea for obvious reasons. Players should always come up with a plan of attack, and look for advantages that can be used during the process; such as deploying a gloo wall for cover, or using a grappling hook to gain a height advantage.


2) Lack of awareness

Free Fire players often casually stroll into the end zones and manage to get snipped within seconds, due to a simple lack of awareness. This is a common problem for both beginners and regular players.

The rule of thumb to follow while entering the end zones is to check the area and stay alert. Chances are that enemy players who have arrived before have already set up a kill zone and are waiting for easy kills.


1) Bad rotations

Sometimes, despite following all the above do's and don'ts, players can still end up in a bad position, due to unfavorable rotations. Making hasty rotations in Free Fire can end in disaster if players are caught out in the open.

Furthermore, what makes this situation worse is the fact that as the zone shrinks, players can come under fire and get pinned down at the edge of the safe zone, leaving them stranded. Knowing how, when, and where to rotate is of the utmost importance in-game.


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