5 tips to improve sniping in Free Fire

Follow these tips to improve sniping in Free Fire (Image via Garena Free Fire)
Follow these tips to improve sniping in Free Fire (Image via Garena Free Fire)

Using snipers in Free Fire is a great way to secure kills at long distances, and when put into the hands of skilled players, each shot will find its target and claim an elimination.

While not everyone can master the sniper easily as it is a tough weapon to control, anyone can become a better sniper in-game by following a few rules. With that being said, here are a few tips to help players improve their sniping skills in Free Fire.

Top 5 tips players can follow to improve sniping in Free Fire

5) Don't rush the shot

A quick tip to remember while sniping is to never rush the shot. Players should take their time and execute the shot, in order to deal maximum damage. The entire point of using a sniper rifle is to try and get a powerful one shot elimination.

Most players, however, don't follow this basic rule and rush the shot, which misses the target and gives away their position to the enemy.


4) Use silencers

All three sniper rifles in Free Fire can be fitted with a silencer. Most players tend to ignore the benefits of a silencer, or consider it useless. However, a sniper with a silencer is often more dangerous than one equipped with a muzzle.

A sniper with a muzzle fitting will do more damage, but if the shot misses its target, the player's position has been revealed and enemies will either flee or rush towards them. However, in the case of a sniper fitted with a silencer, a missed shot may not be noticed by enemies, and the player can try once again with no hassle.


3) Rotate often

A major mistake players make while using snipers is not rotating after shooting from a spot for a long duration. This will lead to enemy players understanding where the shots are coming from, and they will rotate behind to get a free elimination.

Players using snipers in Free Fire should rotate after every few shots to avoid being pinned down by enemy gunfire, or flushed out from the location with grenades. In addition to rotating often, players primarily using snipers should also carry decoys and smoke grenades.


2) Use the high ground advantage

While long range combat is effective in itself, gaining a height advantage makes it even better as players will have a clearer shot at the target and can scout the area for additional enemies.

Having a high ground advantage will also save players from being sprayed with bullets, as opponents will have to take careful aim while shooting. This again creates an opportunity to shoot the opponent, as they will slow down while trying to aim down sight.


1) Keep practicing

While all of the above tips will help players become better at sniping, the number one tip for improvement is practice. Players need to practice with snipers in every game, which will help them adapt to different situations. Without practice, no amount of attachments will be of any use.

In addition to practicing how to shoot using a sniper in Free Fire, players also need to practice the strategies that go alongside sniping, such as rotations, securing high ground advantages, and using tactical items when needed.


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