Free Fire: Best guns for long-range combat

Image Credit: BlueStacks
Image Credit: BlueStacks

Garena Free Fire is a free-to-play battle royale game which is available for mobile phones on Android and iOS devices. Players can also play the game on PC with the help of emulators.

Free Fire offers a great variety of weapons. This means there are many choices for short-engage weapons, which are not the safest situations for players. This is because of the 50-50 nature of the situation, with the player who aims better coming out on top.

Long-range engages, meanwhile, help players avoid these half-chances of survival in Free Fire and eliminate players from afar, even before they have time to react. You can also scout out areas for getting intel on the position of players, which will provide you and your team with an upper-hand in gunfights.

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There are a ton of weapons in Free Fire which enable players to eliminate enemies in long-range fights. On that note, we have compiled a list of the top three weapons which are best-suited for long-range skirmishes in Free Fire.

Top 3 long-range guns in Free Fire

#3 M82B Sniper Rifle

M82B gun statistics in Garena Free Fire
M82B gun statistics in Garena Free Fire

This weapon is very powerful, with a damage of 90, and is packed with an overall range of 85, which can lead to some very long-range eliminations. However, this is not even the best part of this weapon. That would be it's special ability to deal high damage to vehicles, as well as penetrate ice walls.

This can prove to be a clutch in key situations, and get you eliminations you would otherwise have missed.

#2 M14

M14 gun statistics in Garena Free Fire
M14 gun statistics in Garena Free Fire

This is a great alternative to sniper rifles during long-range duels. In case of sniper rifles, if you miss your first shot, the enemy has a vague idea of where you are. The M14, meanwhile, has a damage of 76 and a range of 79, with an increased fire rate of 43, which can help you redeem those lost shots in a match.

#1 AWM

AWM gun statistics in Garena Free Fire
AWM gun statistics in Garena Free Fire

This is the best weapon of all time in Free Fire. It has the highest range in the game, at 91, which is paired with insane damage of 90. If you can use a silencer on this gun, it will be unstoppable. A headshot kills an enemy instantly, while one body shot can sometimes kill the enemy.

We definitely recommend you picking this weapon up whenever you find it in drops.

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Edited by Ravi Iyer
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