5 Free Fire characters to avoid in Clash Squad mode

The least useful characters in the CS mode (Image via Garena)
The least useful characters in the CS mode (Image via Garena)

Garena's Free Fire and its MAX variant are not the most high-end tactical shooters if users consider the visual quality and file size on offer. However, these titles are immensely popular due to their exciting in-game content, which eclipses unimpressive features like graphics, gun mechanics, and game physics.

Free Fire/FF MAX possesses an assortment of weapons and character abilities that provide an obvious strategic edge. There are characters that suit certain playstyles and are beneficial if used efficiently, while others are best avoided in particular modes.

The following section will list the characters that players should shun in Clash Squad mode.

Note: The following list is not in any particular order and solely reflects the writer's opinion.

Least useful characters for Garena Free Fire Clash Squad mode

1) Notora


Ability: Racer's Blessing

Notora is one of the less used characters in the game as her ability, Racer's Blessing, only benefits players when they are driving a vehicle. Notora's ability recovers HP for all teammates in the vehicle, which may be a decent option in a BR match. However, the unavailability of vehicles in CS mode makes Notora utterly useless.

2) Misha


Ability: Afterburner

The next character on this list is Mish. She has a passive ability named Afterburner, which is also related to vehicles. Players can reduce the amount of damage they take when they are inside a vehicle. Furthermore, the driving speed is also increased, with gamers becoming harder to aim at while driving.

Like Notora, Misha is of no use in Free Fire/FF MAX Clash Squad mode due to the unavailability of vehicles.

3) Ford


Ability: Iron Will

It seems like Ford was introduced solely for the Battle Royale mode, as his ability is related to the reduction of damage whenever the player is outside the safe zone. Ford will not bring any advantage to the table in Clash Squad mode. Hence, one should avoid him whenever they choose a character for the CS mode.

4) Wolfrahh


Ability: Limelight

Wolfrahh's ability is useless in all game modes. The reason is that Limelight is triggered only when a player gets a viewer while playing a match.

Each additional viewer decreases the damage to the head and limbs, but practically speaking, it is highly difficult for casual gamers to get a viewer. Thus, Wolfrahh is unsuitable for Clash Squad mode.

5) Rafael


The final character on this list is Rafael, who is not that useless in the game. Garena Free Fire users can get an advantage from Rafael's Dead Silent ability if they use snipers or marksman rifles.

Dead Silent offers a silencing effect whenever the user fires with long-range weapons. Moreover, the enemies who get shot lose their HP relatively faster when players are using Rafael.

That said, Rafael is helpful only if players have the skill to handle snipers. Furthermore, since it has been observed that a low number of gamers use snipers in the CS mode, Rafael isn't the right choice.

All there is to know about Clash Squad mode

The Clash Squad mode is the multiplayer variant in Free Fire that allows gamers to feature in a battle between two four-member squads. The fight spans multiple rounds and takes place in enclosed spaces with various close-quarter situations.

Players can also acquire a weapon from the shop of Clash Squad mode after they earn enough points.

Players can learn more about the best characters for Clash Squad mode by tapping here.

Disclaimer: Indian players should refrain from installing and playing Garena Free Fire and prefer the MAX variant, which is still active in the country.

Edited by Soumyadyuti Ghosh


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