5 mistakes Free Fire players make in end zones

Avoid making these mistakes in the end zones of a Free Fire match (Image via Garena Free Fire)
Avoid making these mistakes in the end zones of a Free Fire match (Image via Garena Free Fire)

The most entertaining and dangerous portion of any Free Fire match is the end zone. After having survived the landing phase, the early and mid game, the end zones in the late game are the final deciding factor.

It doesn't matter who gets the most eliminations during the match, as Booyah will only go to the last player standing. Although the task seems rather difficult, players can make it easier by avoiding a few crucial mistakes.


Top 5 mistakes that Free Fire players should avoid in the end zones of a match

5) Entering the end zone late

Entering the end zone late has several drawbacks. For starters, most of the loot has been claimed by other teams, and players are bound to be shot at by enemy campers lying in wait.


Furthermore, the bulk of opponents left are well entrenched or have taken up good positions with hard cover. This will make the push harder for players and will end in disaster most of the time.

4) Failing to secure a good location in the end zone due to lack of rotation

While entering the end zone late is an issue, a much worse scenario is entering the end zone from a bad angle. If players have to push up a hill or travel through open ground to enter the end zone, the chances are that opponents will one-fire much before players make it to safety.

Additionally, most of the time, due to the lack of rotation and awareness, players get left outside the end zone and get self eliminated. This is probably the worst way to end a Free Fire match.


3) Using up all supplies before the late game begins

Aggressive players in Free Fire will open fire on opponents irrespective of being able to get an elimination or not. While being trigger-happy is not an issue, wasting ammunition before the end game begins can become a major problem.


Given that a lot of ammunition is needed in the end zones spending most of it in vain will lead to players being unable to defend themselves. As the zone shrinks, the chances of finding supplies dwindle as well.

2) Engaging every opponent in sight

A major mistake that many Free Fire players make in the end zones is shooting at anything that moves. This is by far one of the worst mistakes that can be made in any match.

Engaging multiple teams at once is the fastest way to get eliminated in-game. Players should avoid shooting at multiple teams unless they shoot first or are confident of getting an elimination. Engaging multiple teams or opponents will lead to a cross-fire situation, which most of the time will end badly.


1) Attempting micro rotations without the use of gloo walls

Even when players do everything right and make it to the end zone safely, many of them try to move about within the zone without using gloo walls and subsequently get eliminated by a well-timed headshot.


Players should always use gloo walls/smoke grenades while rotating within the end zones of a Free Fire match. While it may seem a bit troublesome, this is the safest way to move about without taking damage.

Note: This article is subjective and solely reflects the opinion of the writer.

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