5 most popular hot drop locations in Free Fire

Five most popular hot drop locations in Free Fire (Image via Garena Free Fire)
Five most popular hot drop locations in Free Fire (Image via Garena Free Fire)
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While most Free Fire players drop into isolated locations to loot and get ready, some enjoy the thrill of dropping into a hot drop zone with half of the lobby. While most don't make it out alive, it's still fun to an extent.

Although there are multiple locations across the three maps for players to drop in for some early game action, some spots are hotter than others and are quite the challenge for even skilled players.

Five most visited Free Fire hot drop locations

1) Bimasakti Strip (Bermuda)


Controlling the Bimasakti Tower is the only point of dropping off here. In every game, players try to land on the tower and secure it for bragging rights. While the tower itself holds no strategic purpose, capturing it has its own satisfaction.

Aside from the early game chaos atop the tower, the location is mostly quiet and offers good loot for those who survive the tower fight or rotate into the area from nearby places.

4) Clock Tower (Bermuda)


The Clock Tower is a hot drop location for nearly every game in Free Fire. Experienced gamers often camp here and ambush others coming through the area.

Due to its location, many rotate through the area throughout a match, making it one of the most contested hot drop locations in-game. Users can easily get ten plus frags by just camping in this area.

3) Refinery (Kalahari)


When playing on Free Fire's Kalahari map, landing at Refinery is one of the most dangerous and chaotic things that players can do. Due to it being located at the center of the map, the area sees action throughout the game.

Gamers from every corner of the map try to rotate to Refinery in the early stages of the game, hoping to get kills. However, most just end up getting eliminated by campers.

2) Command Post (Kalahari)


Although Command Post can be considered a hot drop location, it is not as dangerous as other sites because players can easily hide within numerous structures here.

However, most who land here are usually looking for a fight and are not interested in hiding or rotating early in the game. This location also has ample amounts of loot and is a good camping spot for users.

1) Brasilia (Purgatory)


Players who enjoy aggressive rushing and close-quarters combat in Free Fire should land in Brasilia. The location is filled with houses, and playing hide and seek here has become part of the game.

Players have to rush from house to house to get kills, and in the process, avoid being shot at from windows. This area is ideal for beginners, as they can house camp and rotate away easily if needed.

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