Top 5 mistakes Free Fire players make while playing solo vs squad matches

Avoid these mistakes to ace solo vs squad matches in Free Fire (Image via Garena Free Fire)
Avoid these mistakes to ace solo vs squad matches in Free Fire (Image via Garena Free Fire)
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When Free Fire players master the game and comfortably win Booyahs in solos, the only thing left to do is make the game a bit more challenging. This is where the concept of solo vs squad matches comes into play.

The idea that one player can take out teams of other enemy players is both frightening and exciting to think about. Players have to switch up their strategies and playstyle on the fly in order to adapt and survive to the end zone.

Nonetheless, some of them do make it, and a few even secure a Booyah after taking down multiple squads. However, for every player that does win, many more fail to even make it halfway through the match due to silly mistakes.

This article aims to rectify and shed light on these silly mistakes that players make and address some basic issues with bad strategies and other decisions made during gameplay.


Mistakes players make while playing solo vs squad matches in Free Fire

5) Hot-drop eliminations

Having conquered solos in Free Fire, players feel they can take on the world and decide to hot-drop with multiple teams to score early kills in-game. While scoring early game kills is possible, the only problem with this strategy is that enemy players will be the ones scoring most of the time.

While some players may luck out and score multiple early game kills, most who try to employ this strategy will find themselves dying more often and having to start a match all over again.


4) Not rotating

As a solo player, camping or staying in one place for long is generally not a very good idea since there are many hostilities to deal with at any given time. Rotating is a good way to stay ahead of enemies by moving about to avoid getting surrounded or pinned down near the edge of the safe zone.

In addition to gaining the freedom to move about, players who frequently rotate in Free Fire will also be able to pick up more loot and stock up on supplies needed during the final end zone.


3) Pushing too hard during early game

Solo vs squads in Free Fire are hard enough, and some players tend to make it harder for themselves by charging headfirst into enemy teams at every given opportunity. In most cases, using this strategy ends well for the opposing team and not for the player.

While rushing or pushing does have its perks, trying to attempt either during the early stages of the game with no proper weapons, low ammo, and little to no medkits is not the wisest thing to do.


2) Not using silencers

Using the element of surprise is of the utmost importance when playing solo vs squads in Free Fire. The enemy can't kill what they can't see, and staying quiet is the best way to remain unseen on the minimap.

While a lot of players will argue that the muzzle is superior to the silencer due to increased damage output; however, with a silencer, players can take shots from a distance without being spotted. This not only confuses the enemy as to where the shots are being fired from but makes them panic as well.


1) Underestimating opponent team's skills

The most common mistake that solo players make in Free Fire while playing against a squad is underestimating the skill level of the opposing team and simply rushing in to secure kills.

More often than not, players will rush to secure takedowns. And after securing one or two, they let their guard down, thinking that the remaining enemy players are easy as well.

As soon as this mindset kicks in, the remaining enemy players take advantage of the situation, and surprise counterattack, leaving the player vulnerable and unable to take action, which will eventually lead to an elimination.


Note: This article is subjective and solely reflects the opinion of the writer.

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