5 reasons BGMI and PUBG Mobile can never replace Free Fire in India

Reasons why BGMI/PUBG Mobile can never replace Free Fire in India (Image via Sportskeeda)
Reasons why BGMI/PUBG Mobile can never replace Free Fire in India (Image via Sportskeeda)
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Rohit Singh Jaswal

Free Fire was developed by Garena, whereas PUBG Mobile and BGMI were developed by Tencent and Krafton, respectively. These titles are among the most familiar names in the Indian gaming community and have garnered millions of regular players. Furthermore, it is the popularity of these titles that has made India one of the largest hubs for online games.

The battle royale industry has seen an impressive boom in the last few years; a large number of gamers are now shifting towards these BR titles.

This article discusses five big reasons why FF (Free Fire) can't be replaced by PUBG Mobile and BGMI in India.

Why can't BGMI/PUBG Mobile ever replace Free Fire?

5) Updates and bug fixes


Free Fire is considered to have a better system in place when it comes to bug fixes and regular updates. This helps players maintain their interest in new events, modes, and other additions.

In comparison, BGMI and PUBG Mobile release fewer updates than their competitor and hence miss out on a major chunk of the gaming audience.

4) In-game currency and items


The fourth reason PUBG Mobile and BGMI are unable to replace FF in India is the pricing of in-game currency and other items. The currency in the title is much cheaper than the currency available in BGMI and PUBG Mobile. Therefore, most players who want to unlock various in-game items like elite passes and weapon skins go for FF.

3) Compatibility


Free Fire is often considered to have better compatibility with a wider range of devices. The title doesn't require high-end specifications to run in its highest graphics settings. On the other hand, BGMI and PUBG Mobile feature much higher graphics settings which require resources like more RAM and a high-end processor.

This is another segment where FF beats PUBG Mobile and BGMI since low-end device players mostly prefer FF over other titles.

2) Maps and modes


FF offers a much more intense and action-packed survival experience, as it has smaller maps, and only 50 players land on the island. The ranking system for different modes is also very competitive, and players can gain lots of rewards by reaching the top of certain leaderboards.

BGMI and PUBG Mobile have bigger maps with 100 players per match, which can sometimes be overwhelming for new players. Moreover, there's also a good chance these games won't offer you the same degree of action as FF.

1) Size


Free Fire is loved by the Indian gaming audience as it has a smaller download size; the updates are between 200-400MB helping players save their data as well. This has to be a huge reason PUBG Mobile and BGMI haven't managed to replace the title in India.

However, Krafton has also reduced the download size of BGMI and PUBG Mobile on the Google Play Store to 800MB. Players can download the remaining resources from their desired graphics pack by installing the respective titles on their device, which increases the overall game size by up to 2GB.

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