5 tips to reach Heroic rank in Free Fire Ranked Season 27

Heroic is one of the highest tiers in Free Fire (Image via Garena)
Heroic is one of the highest tiers in Free Fire (Image via Garena)

It is time for Free Fire players to grind hard in the ranked mode as BR Rank Season 27 started yesterday, i.e., on April 15. The new ranked season has brought new rewards, as the tiers have also been reset. Thus, gamers will have to build a specific gameplay strategy to reach higher levels once again.

The Heroic tier is one of the higher ranks in Free Fire. Therefore, it becomes pretty hard, especially for beginners, to grind towards it. The competition level makes many users quit ranked mode sooner or later. However, if they can make a few adjustments to their strategies, they can easily rank up.

Disclaimer: This list is not in any particular order and solely reflects the author's opinions. Free Fire is currently banned in India, so players should install the MAX variant.

Garena Free Fire: Best tips to reach Heroic tier in BR ranked mode in current season

1) Choose squad over solo

Players should play in squads (Image via Garena)
Players should play in squads (Image via Garena)

Playing solo in battle royale is quite tricky as it substantially decreases the chances of claiming victory in matches. It becomes challenging to survive without the support of teammates.

In a squad, teammates often assist in combat situations, revive after a knockdown, offer a share in acquired loot, etc. Consequently, with better coordination, a squad can claim many victories.

Hence, it makes sense to play with a squad rather than solo, as teams often rank up quickly with better cooperative gameplay.

2) Roles should be assigned in a team


There is no benefit to playing with a squad of players who will not play like a team. A unit needs to divide the responsibilities among its gamers to reduce the collective pressure. There are plenty of roles that require different skill-set.

Roles like Aggressor, Medic, IGL, and more can be assigned to teammates to give them clarity in their gameplay strategy. Thus, it will help enhance their survival time during a match and enhance the frequency of wins.

3) Loadout items are underrated

Different loadout items (Image via Garena)
Different loadout items (Image via Garena)

Users often focus on collecting equipment in matches, be it ammo, health items, or anything else. It is essential for survival in a BR match to have ample items that assist during or after a fight.

Similarly, loadout items in Free Fire are equally essential as they provide different benefits on the battlefield. Players can choose a specific loadout item of their preference before a match to use it.

4) Choose landing spots wisely


Hot drops are pretty famous for the kills and loot they offer, while safer landing spots assure prolonged survival. Thus, it is a common dilemma for most users to choose between hot drops and safer locations.

However, they should keep survival in mind and go for safer landing spots most of the time. Furthermore, they should also understand the terrains and structures of a specific map, which will help them survive different situations.

5) Character skills are crucial

Character skills are crucial for one's gameplay strategy (Image via Garena)
Character skills are crucial for one's gameplay strategy (Image via Garena)

Free Fire has numerous character abilities that gamers can choose to their advantage in a match. It is well-known that character skills are crucial to succeed in a game.

Thus, ranking up character abilities become overtly crucial if players want to reach the Heroic tier in a match. However, it is also essential if users choose a character per their gameplay strategy in Garena Free Fire.

Note: Apart from using the tips given above, players can also focus on tweaking their sensitivity and HUD for better control during a match. Moreover, they can practice harder in the training mode while grinding hard in a game.

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