7 least useful Free Fire abilities of all time

These Free Fire characters have very situational abilities (Image via Garena Free Fire)
These Free Fire characters have very situational abilities (Image via Garena Free Fire)
Matthew Wilkins

Free Fire's roster of characters has grown exponentially since the game first launched. Each one has unique abilities that provide advantages during combat. These abilities can either be passive or active and may or may not benefit the entire team.

While a few, like DJ Alok, Elite Kelly, and Jota, have become legends, others have fallen short of impressing. Although their abilities are still useful, they only shine in certain situations or circumstances.

Note: All character abilities are at the maximum level.

These seven Free Fire characters are the least useful

7) Ford - Iron Will


Ford's passive Iron Will ability reduces damage taken when outside the safe zone by 24%. While reducing damage is useful, players don't want to be outside the safe zone. Most will rotate to safety the moment the zone shrinks. Thus, the ability offers no tactical advantages or benefits as such.

6) Nikita - Firearms Expert


Nikita's Firearms Expert passive ability enables users to reload submachine guns 24% faster. Even though this is useful to have in combat, SMGs are situational weapons. They cannot be used for the entire duration of matches.

5) Maxim - Gluttony


Maxim's passive ability, Gluttony, allows players to consume mushrooms and use medkits 30% faster. Since there is no additional benefit apart from usage speed, the ability falls short of being useful in most situations.

4) Misha - Afterburner


Misha's Afterburner, a passive ability, increases vehicle speed by 20% and reduces damage taken while in vehicles by 30%. Unless players plan to race each other or rush to an airdrop, the ability doesn't offer much in Free Fire.

3) Paloma - Arms-Dealing


Paloma's Arms-Dealing passive ability allows gamers to carry 120 additional ammo. While having extra ammo is valid, users will seldom utilize so many rounds of ammunition during a match. Either way, using Night Panther is a better option.

2) Wukong - Camouflage


Wukong's active Camouflage ability in Free Fire turns players into a bush and reduces their movement speed. Although they can use the ability to hide from opponents, it's very situational. Once gamers are spotted, the bush doesn't conceal them.

1) Steffie - Painted Refuge


Steffie's Patined Refuge active ability creates graffiti that reduces explosive and bullet damage by 25% and 5%, respectively. Since this character prioritizes damage reduction from explosives rather than bullets, her ability becomes situational in combat.

Note: The list is in no particular order and solely reflects the writer's opinions.

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