7 mistakes Free Fire players make while choosing landing locations in 2022

Avoid making these mistakes while choosing where to land in Free Fire (Image via Garena Free Fire)
Avoid making these mistakes while choosing where to land in Free Fire (Image via Garena Free Fire)

Perfecting landing in Free Fire is more than just reaching the ground fast. There are numerous tactical decisions to make and strategies to implement during this match phase.

While there is no 'wrong way' to land, but there are lousy landing locations. Some will leave the players stranded without good loot, while others will lead to an early exit. Knowing which ones to avoid is of the utmost importance.

Master the art of landing in Free Fire by avoiding these errors

7) Landing in hot-drop zones

Hot-drop zones in Free Fire are great for seasoned and veteran players. They can land and immediately begin to rake up eliminations. However, newcomers, beginners, and average players should avoid such areas.

6) Dropping at the edge of the map for safety

Landing at the edge of the map has its benefits. Users can loot in peace without worrying about opponents and take time gearing up. However, rotating from the edge of the map may become an issue. If there is no vehicle nearby, the only way inward will be running.

5) Landing at an unfamiliar location during a ranked match

When playing a ranked match in Free Fire's BR mode, landing at unfamiliar locations should be avoided. Without knowing the area's layout, gamers are likely to waste time looting and may get ambushed by opponents.

4) Trying to change the landing location last minute

Changing the landing location last minute is a huge mistake. Given the limited mobility that's present once the parachute deploys, players may be unable to reach their intended destination. This will cause them to waste time running to the marked point.

3) Landing outside a major location

At times, to avoid getting into gunfights, gamers tend to land outside major locations to loot. This is not a good idea as enemies can rotate at any time and attack. Due to a lack of good loot, they will either be eliminated or forced to retreat.

2) Landing at minor locations that have no loot

Landing at minor areas is a good idea for solo users. However, when landing with an entire squad, loot may become scarce. The team will not be able to gather enough loot and will be at a disadvantage.

1) Jumping from the plane late

The worst mistake that gamers can make in Free Fire is jumping from the plane late. Those who do so will be greeted by armed opponents and may be unable to secure much loot.

Note: This article is subjective and solely reflects the writer's opinions.

Edited by Ravi Iyer
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