Battle Royale (BR) mode in Free Fire: All you need to know

Image via Free Fire
Image via Free Fire

Free Fire is one of the most popular titles in the esports community of the mobile battle royale genre. The game has reached incredible heights and has a stellar fan base worldwide.

The term Battle Royale can be defined as a fight between two or more participants in combat, where the last man standing will be declared the winner. Garena Free Fire follows the same core theme and has implemented it in the game in several unique ways.

Most players often get confused with the term Battle Royale and its actual significance in Free Fire. This article shares all the details that players need to know before trying out the battle royale experience.

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Everything players need to know about the Battle Royale mode in Free Fire

The Battle Royale mode in Free Fire actually follows the theme of the last man standing on the ground.

The mode sees 50 players jumping off of a plane into an unknown island, where they have to search and loot for various weapons and utilities that can help them survive throughout the game to win the match.


The Battle Royale mode also consists of a constantly shrinking circle zone that reduces with a certain point of time.

Players have to duke it out against each other by using the weapons and utilities they find, and finally, the last man standing on the ground wins the match.

Image via Ronhok/YouTube
Image via Ronhok/YouTube

Free Fire consists of several game modes other than the Battle Royale mode. However, the BR mode hosts only three maps in the game to play. The maps available in the BR mode are - Bermuda, Kalahari, and Purgatory.

Image via Ronhok/YouTube
Image via Ronhok/YouTube

There is no much information officially provided by Garena about Kalahari and Purgatory map's dimensions, but Bermuda is 4x4km.

Purgatory has a much smaller dimension than Bermuda, while Kalahari is the smallest of the arenas in Free Fire.

How to play the Battle Royale (BR) mode in Free Fire?

Players may follow these steps to play a BR match in Free Fire:

  • Run Free Fire and wait for the default loading screen to appear.
  • Tap on the Mode select bar present at the top right-hand side corner of the screen.
Image via Free Fire
Image via Free Fire
  • Several game modes will be displayed in a new menu.
  • Select any of the displayed map options given, except the Cosmic Racer and the Resurrection mode.
Image via Free Fire
Image via Free Fire
  • Tap on the Start option present at the extreme bottom right corner of the screen.

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