Best sniper rifles in Free Fire in January 2021

Image via Sportskeeda
Image via Sportskeeda
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Free Fire is one of the most popular titles in the battle royale genre because of its immersive play style on mobile platforms

The game has a lot of weapons with various strengths and weaknesses in its arsenal. However, not all of them are great from long-range.

There are three sniper rifles for successful long-range combat in Free Fire: the AWM, the Kar98K, and the M82B. This article rates these sniper rifles based on their capabilities and specifications.

Ranking the 3 best Sniper Rifles of Free Fire in 2021

#1 - AWM (Arctic Warfare Magnum)

AWM in Free Fire
AWM in Free Fire

The Arctic Warfare Magnum or AWM in Free Fire has range and accuracy statistics of 91 and 90. It has similar damage rates to other Free Fire sniper weapons, but it also has covert headshot bonus damage.

In a long-range fight, a pre-equipped 8x scope can be fatal. The only drawback of the AWM is that it can only be found in airdrops.

#2 - M82B

M82B in Free Fire
M82B in Free Fire

The M82B is a very feasible and strong weapon in Free Fire. It packs a lot of strength, and is powerful firearm because of its many unique abilities. It has an accuracy of 90 and a range of 85. In addition to the basic damage dealt, extra damage can be dealt to the gloo walls and vehicles.

The M82B has another special skill; it can penetrate a shield. The gun can also inflict additional body-shot damage to targets with armor.

#3 - Kar98K

The Kar98K in Free Fire
The Kar98K in Free Fire

The Kar98K in Free Fire is one of the most balanced sniper rifles, and is pre-equipped with an 8x scope. It can also contend with the AWM in body-shot damage percentage. It has a damage rate of 90 and a range of 84, which is a pretty remarkable statistic.


The Kar98k, however, can't really execute the target in a single hit due to its lower headshot damage.

Disclaimer: What may seem like a good weapon for one person may not be the same for others. The choice of guns entirely depends on the players and their preferences.

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