BlueStacks 5 review: Latest version of Android emulator is gearing up to knock the competition out of the park

The BlueStacks 5 early access review (Image via Bluestacks 5)
The BlueStacks 5 early access review (Image via Bluestacks 5)
Titas "TeeKay" Khan

BlueStacks’ latest app player, BlueStacks 5, could revolutionize Android emulators forever with a bunch of noticeable upgrades and quality of life enhancements.

BlueStacks invited Sportskeeda Esports to test the update version — BlueStacks 5 (GA) — before the official reveal on May 19th. The developers claimed that the new edition of the Android emulator presents a highly enhanced performance while consuming minimum resources.

Emulators consuming a lot of resources and being extremely slow on entry to mid-tier PCs has been a raging issue for multiple users. However, BlueStacks 5 has a very high chance of eradicating this issue for good.

Apart from boasting a stable frame rate even after long gaming sessions, BlueStacks 5 is also capable of performing in “Eco Mode,” consuming even fewer resources on devices with limited configurations.


Here are some noticeable changes that users can expect with the new BlueStacks 5 updated version.

Biggest upgrades in BlueStacks 5

Ranging from up to a 50% faster loading time and RAM consumption to one of the largest game libraries, BlueStacks 5 features a bunch of upgrades to improve the user experience on offer massively.

These changes include:

1) Enhanced performance while consuming fewer resources

One of the most significant issues plaguing Android emulators for a long time has been that these applications consume a lot of resources. This high consumption of resources often results in various lags and glitches on the device.

However, BlueStacks 5 requires a lot lesser resources to operate with. The developers have also ensured that performance is not compromised in any way, resulting in an optimal experience for users.

2) Operates multiple instances with ease


For users who wish to multitask on BlueStacks, this new update offers a lot of ease while running multiple instances of a single game or even various games. There are various games where players would like to open multiple instances to access different accounts.

BlueStacks 5 presents them with the perfect opportunity without putting a massive load on their device.

3) Largest library of apps and games

Apart from the pre-installed Google Play Store, BlueStacks 5 also allows users to install apps and games using source “.apk” files. This means that players can even install third-party marketplace applications to expand their library of apps and games further.

Be it a first-person shooter like Free Fire or Call of Duty: Mobile, or real-time strategy games like Clash of Clans or Clash Royale, players should have no trouble finding even the rarest of games on BlueStacks 5.

4) Supports apps and games built using 64-bit architecture

x64-bit architecture on BlueStacks 5 (Image via BlueStacks)
x64-bit architecture on BlueStacks 5 (Image via BlueStacks)

There are various apps and games which require 64-bit devices to perform. BlueStacks 5 presents users with the option to select whether they want to run an app using 32-bit architecture or 64-bit architecture.

Impact of BlueStacks 5 on the gaming community

Considering all these new features and upgrades being implemented with BlueStacks 5, it feels inevitable that this Android emulator will secure its spot as one of the best options.

With the highly popular FPS mobile game BattleGrounds India, scheduled to release soon, BlueStacks 5 could be a favorable platform for many players.

Compared to other Android emulators available in the market, BlueStacks 5 feels like a notable upgrade to the quality of life as well as the in-app experience for the user.

The impact that the release of BlueStacks 5 will have on the mobile gaming community in India remains to be seen, as most gamers are busy setting up the new version of the globally renowned Android emulator.

Edited by Ravi Iyer


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