Chrono vs Shirou in Free Fire: Which Character is Better for the Factory Challenge?

Image via Sportskeeda
Image via Sportskeeda
Soumyajit Dutta

Garena Free Fire has just launched the new OB26 or Project Cobra update. The response from players has been quite overwhelming. Several new characters and features have made their way into the game, along with a new character named Shirou.

The Factory Challenge in Free Fire is one of the most popular custom room challenges created mainly by well-known content creators. The factory is one of the Bermuda map locations, where players drop onto the factory's roof to battle it out.

This article compares Shirou, the latest character; and Chrono, one of the most powerful characters in Free Fire, for the Factory challenge.

Assessing the abilities of Shirou and Chrono in Free Fire

Chrono (Ability - Time Turner)

Chrono in Garena Free Fire 
Chrono in Garena Free Fire

Chrono has an active ability called Time Turner. At his base level ability, he can create a force field that can block 600 damage from enemies. He can also shoot at opponents while being inside the force field. The player's movement speed also increases by 15%.

During skill activation, allies within the force field get a 10% increase in movement speed, with the effects lasting four seconds. It has a cooldown of 50 seconds.

At Chrono's maximum potential, the movement speed increases by 30%, and the allies' movement speed increases by 15%. All the effects last for 15 seconds and have a cooldown of 40 seconds.

Shirou (Ability - Damage Delivered)

Shirou in Free Fire
Shirou in Free Fire

Shirou has an impressive passive ability called Damage Delivered. At his initial level ability, when the user is hit by the enemy from within an 80m radius, the said attacker is marked for six seconds (marking only visible to the user). The first shot on marked enemies has 50% additional armor penetration damage. He has a cooldown of 35 seconds.



Though Shirou is quite useful and beneficial in the game, his abilities aren't of much use in the Factory challenge.

Considering the melee and fistfights in the Factory challenge, Shirou's ability is not much of practical use. Chrono's abilities are far more suited than that of Shirou's.

Chrono can use his defensive abilities and movement speed to take the upper hand over enemies in the Factory challenge.

(Note: As the Factory challenge is a custom room mode, the weapon choice solely depends on the individual player. The fights are usually 1v1, and the popular weapons are melee and fists. This article compares the two characters based on these criteria).

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