Cyber Bounty Hunter AUG in Free Fire: All you need to know about the new Weapon Royale firearm

Image via Free Fire
Image via Free Fire
Soumyajit Dutta

Free Fire introduces several events and lucky draw-spin wheels every alternative month to help players redeem exciting and exclusive prizes.

These redeemed rewards include gun skins, characters, and cosmetics like individual fashion items and bundles. Players can also buy various bundles from the in-game store.

With the recent OB25 update in Free Fire, the developers have released a new and fascinating bundle in the Weapon Royale section of the game, called the Cyber Bounty Hunter AUG skin. Along with this unique cosmetic, many other weapon skins are also available in this new section.

This article elucidates all details about the Cyber Bounty Hunter skin in Free Fire and all other items in the Weapon Royale section after the OB25 update.

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All details about the Cyber Bounty Hunter AUG skin in Free Fire

This cosmetic is available in the Weapon Royale section and can be obtained by spinning the prize pool with Free Fire tokens or diamond top-ups. The Weapon Royale section is valid for 17 days, from today, i.e., 11th December, and will get refreshed again after the end date, i.e., 27th December.

Hence, players have ample time to make consecutive those spins and stand a chance to win this exclusive skin.

The Cyber Bounty Hunter skin is a unique weapon skin for an AUG assault rifle. It is based on the Be The Legend theme of Operation Chrono and offers a cool in-game animation display with a futuristic tinge.

The skin, when equipped, doubles the fire rate and increases its accuracy.

How to procure the Cyber Bounty Hunter AUG skin?


It cannot be purchased or obtained directly. However, players can follow these steps to spin the Weapon Royale and stand a chance to win the bundle:

  • They can run Free Fire.
  • They have to go to the Luck Royale section on the left-hand side of the screen.
  • Gamers can tap it and select Weapon Royale.
Image via Free Fire
Image via Free Fire
  • There will be two options to spin the wheel. One spin costs 40 diamonds, and 11 spins cost 400 diamonds.
  • Players can tap the preferred options, and random prizes will be obtained through it.
  • They may obtain the exclusive skins by making consecutive spins; however, it is not guaranteed.

Along with the special skin, the Weapon Royale also contains other time-limited weapon skins and various other in-game utilities like play cards, bonfires, etc. The weapon skins available in the Gold Royale section are:

  • Urban Rager - SKS, SPAS12, AK47
  • Imperial Rome - FAMAS, Kar98k, AK, MP5
  • Bumblebee
  • Pharao - Eyes, Wings, Rage, Eye

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