DDG Gamers' Free Fire ID, K/D ratio, stats, rank, and YouTube income in May 2022

DDG Gamers' Free Fire ID (Image via Garena)
DDG Gamers' Free Fire ID (Image via Garena)
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Aniket Thakkar

The overwhelming success of Free Fire has been an essential factor in the growth of multiple content creators across various platforms. DDG Gamers is a popular name in the Indian community as the YouTuber boasts more than 3.35 million subscribers on the channel.

In addition to the main channel, Deepak runs DDG Shorts, DDG Extra, and DDG Army channels. His fans appreciate his gameplay videos, tips & tricks, and content centered around events. The content creator also commands 102k followers on Instagram.

Note: Free Fire is banned in India, and gamers from the country should avoid playing the battle royale title. The images and numbers in this article are retrieved through the Free Fire MAX.

DDG Gamers' Free Fire ID and stats

DDG Gamers' Free Fire ID is 2501216282. He achieved the Grandmaster Tier in the Battle Royale ranked mode while climbing to Heroic in Clash Squad ranked. He currently has the following numbers in the game:

Lifetime stats

The content creator has 11,457 kills in squad games (Image via Garena)
The content creator has 11,457 kills in squad games (Image via Garena)

The content creator has joined 963 solo games and has only remained undefeated 129 times, roughly approximating a win rate of 13.39%. He has acquired 2,468 kills in the process while accumulating a K/D ratio of 2.96.

He has engaged in 782 duo matches and has emerged victorious on 246 occasions, recording a win percentage of 31.45%. The player has notched 2,273 kills, bagging a K/D ratio of 4.24.

Deepak has joined 2,475 squad matches up to this point, and his team has dominated the opposition on 953 occasions, roughly equating to a win ratio of 38.50%. He has taken 11,457 kills, ensuring a K/D ratio of 7.53.

Ranked stats

The YouTuber has more 50% win rate in squad matches (Image via Garena)
The YouTuber has more 50% win rate in squad matches (Image via Garena)

DDG Gamers has played and won a single solo match corresponding to a 100% win rate. He has taken down six opponents, earning a K/D ratio of 6.

Deepak has also featured in 49 ranked duo matches and has attained first place 21 times, converting to a win percentage of 42.85%. He has chalked up 173 frags, which have contributed to a K/D ratio of 6.18.

Finally, the YouTuber has competed in a massive 813 squad games this season and translated 424 of these into Booyahs, achieving a win ratio of 52.15%. With 4,858 eliminations, he has retained a KD ratio of 12.49.

Note: DDG Gamers' stats were recorded on 30 May 2022 and are subject to change as and when he will participate in more matches in the battle royale title.

Monthly income

DDG Gamers' monthly income (Image via Social Blade)
DDG Gamers' monthly income (Image via Social Blade)

Social Blade has reported that DDG Gamers makes approximately between $4.6K and $72.9K each month from his YouTube channel. In addition, the estimated yearly earnings range from $54.7K to $874.7K.

YouTube channel


Deepak started the DDG Gamers channel in early 2020 and surpassed the 1 million subscriber count the following year. He has churned out more than 600 videos on the platform, which have accumulated more than 476 million views.

The YouTuber has been gradually building up massive numbers month after month, with the subscriber count standing at 110k and channel views at 18.223 million.

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