5 tips to get more Booyah in Free Fire after OB33 update

Getting Booyahs is not as difficult as it seems (Image via Garena Free Fire)
Getting Booyahs is not as difficult as it seems (Image via Garena Free Fire)

Most casual players in Free Fire often tend to get eliminated early on in the game due to basic mistakes. These range from incorrect tactical implementations to bad combat strategies.

Obtaining Booyahs is not rocket science, and even though experienced players have the edge over newbies, none of it matters. By understanding some basic gameplay functionalities and implementing a few tips, winning matches will be easy.


Note: Free Fire is banned in India. Players from the region are advised to avoid downloading it.

Ways to get more Booyahs in Free Fire after the OB33 update

5) Master the art of looting


Looting is essential to survival in any Free Fire match and can also end up being the deciding factor between winning and losing. Spending substantial time getting the right weapons and looting airdrops is vital.

For players who are not accustomed to looting, it is something that they should work on in every match. Once this skill has been perfected, gearing up will be easier than ever.

4) Claw control is key to success


Muscle memory sometimes dictates that players just use one or two fingers to play the game. While it is perfectly fine for casual players who are not pushing rank or trying to get Booyah, it can be detrimental for the more serious ones.

Any player trying to get more Booyahs during their game time must learn to use claw controls properly. Claw control is where a player uses three or four fingers in a claw-like fashion to play the game. This makes it easier to execute complex in-game techniques and speeds up the execution of actions.

3) Precise aiming


A deciding factor for players getting Booyah is how good they are in combat. While being able to shoot accurately at an opponent improves the odds of survival, headshots are better.

This increases the chances of emerging victorious in combat, saves ammunition from being wasted, and ensures that the opponent doesn't have time to react. Once a player is able to land headshots effortlessly, they will seldom lose a match in Free Fire.

2) Avoid using a repetitive combat pattern


Some players may indulge in a bit of showboating during an intense gunfight in Free Fire. Moves such as drag headshots and jump shots are pulled off. However, at times, simple shooting tactics are better.

If a player keeps showcasing the same move repeatedly, their opponents won’t take much time to figure out a pattern. This will eventually lead to the opponent executing a successful counterattack and subsequently gaining an elimination.

1) Utility gadgets can give an edge during a fight


Although weapons play a huge role in winning fights, utility items aren’t far behind in the pecking order either. These gadgets can complement a player’s primary weapons and help make combat easier.

Players can place landmines inside the building and lure opponents. If done correctly, they'll execute a successful ambush and secure a kill. Smoke can be used to make a fast getaway, and flashbangs can be used to confuse opponents. With a bit of imagination, a lot can be accomplished with utility items.

Note: This article is subjective and solely reflects the writer's opinions.

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